Feb 24, 2008

Commissoner of Police refuses assistance from Jack Warner to fix Police Station

Dey Say
I recently read an article about the offer of Jack Warner to repair/refurbish the police station at Chaguanas that was turned down by the Commissioner of Police Mr. Trevor Paul. Now the Commissioner grudgingly turned down the offer because repairs to the station were ‘ongoing’ and would be completed in the ‘near future’ might be a good guess – we shall wait and see.
Now what I find very interesting is the fact that the Commissioner said that the contractor hired to do the job was unable to complete the project. Here is the quote from Newsday: “The CoP blamed the delay in refurbishment on the inability of the initial contractors to meet the completion deadline. He said the Ministry of National Security is reviewing proposals to select a new contractor. The refurbishment, said Paul, is being done in two phases, with phase one, which houses the Model Station, already completed, while phase two involves major innovations.”
Here is the big question, why isn’t this contractor being penalized for each day that the contract remains unfinished? What kind of contract did he sign and who drafted the contract that allows the contractor to get off this easily. Just imaging they are in the process of getting another contractor to complete the job. Will the government sue this contractor to get back some of the investment and how much was already spent. Does it mean that more monies will have to be allocated to complete this work?
I would like to know the original estimate and contracted fees paid to the first contractor and what is going to be the estimated bill for the new contractor to complete the work.

Situations like these could only happen in Trinidad folks!






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