Feb 14, 2008

"Doh flim meh nah"

Dey Say
Trinidadians really have a unique way of expressing themselves, indeed they do! On one of my other blogs I quoted some of the things we say, we truly have a unique way of expressing ourselves and that post can be read at:
What did the Trini Say?
I recently came across a blog by a Trinidadian living in England entitled *This is a Trinidad ting* with a post entitled “I miss Trini talk”. There is a You Tube clip that was embedded in the post that I have placed beneath for your viewing and comments. Yuh know when a Trini ‘get vex’ all hell breaks loose. So be aware that there is a ‘cuss word’ in the clip.
The events apparently took place during the period when the JFK Terror plot was exposed with Trinidadians involved. News crews were sweeping the area for stories and they got an aggravated Trini who was ‘willing’ to express his displeasure about the crew ‘fliming’ him.






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