Feb 4, 2008

Ent all Saltfish Sweet?

Dey Say
Not me say so, eh eh, not the Pwefentious one, it is the one and only Birdie, Slinger Francisco, the Mighty Sparrow who said, “all saltfish sweet”.

To quote the Master of the art-form:
“Saltfish stew is what I like So doo-doo, give me day and night. I like you food, so don't find me rude. My favorite, I sure every man in here already eat itSaltfish. Nothing in the world sweeter than Saltfish English, colloquial, Bajans Saltfish. It's sweeter than meat. When you want to eat All saltfish sweet”

Now I understand just about every Trini understands the duality of the lyrics of the song in its entirety, however for the naive or the person who says, “me eh know what he talking bout”, let’s start something. What is your saltfish story? Come on everybody has one. It could be a literal gourmet delight (in more ways than one) or it could be the one with the twist to it. Listen ladies doh laugh, we are also looking forward to reading yours also.

As for this writer, I am taking the high road on this one. However, to be honest with you, “fuss ah love meh saltfish”. It was once considered the poor man’s delight now it is a luxury. However, Smarty thinks that Saltfish in the US just as sweet and Saltfish from the homeland. So whether it is Buljol, Accra or good ole Bacalo as dem Spanish like to call it - we talking food here my friend, get yuh head out of the gutter man - share yours with us. Meh mouth watering right now – let meh splash some water on meh face. LOL – Take this one in yuh pwefen. Just for the record let me state it here officially that I like meh Saltfish with tomatoes and oil and cassava on de side with ah lil cow tong dumpling dey too – and yes ah like all kinds ah saltfish. So let me finish off with a few more lines from de Birdie:

“Very well, I like the taste though the smell, sometimes out of place It hard to take, but make no mistake I want you to know, it's because it extra sweet it smelling so boy it's Saltfish Big money does run behind it Saltfish. Man does lick down man to find it Saltfish It's sweeter than meat When you want to eat, All saltfish sweet”

What is your Saltfish story? Some of us are not lovers of Cod Fish but Saltfish Man, come on get real. "Trini men, all ah could say iz God bless you all because ah could hear yuh laughing already".

Come on get creative – let's have some fun with this topic as only real Trinis can!






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