Feb 11, 2008

Foreign bank account in the news again

Dey Say
I recently remarked in a commentary in another blog that we should get ready /brace ourselves after the Carnival has drained the last masquerader of his energy for life in the fast lane because the political lacouray will be coming fast and furious. I guess it is time to savor the moment because here we go as the opposition chief whip, Mr. Lawrence Maharaj, architect of the fallen UNC government has boldly stated that the Integrity Commission is investigating a current government minister for not reporting monies held in a foreign bank account. Does this scenario sound familiar? Just ask Bas he will give you the sordid details.
In any case ‘Dey Say’ that this government minister ‘allegedly has a $49 million (US$8 million) bank account in the United States’. It is also reported that he/she went to the US to try to cover the paper trail leading to the finances that he/she (we don’t know if it is a male or female minister) did not report to the integrity commission. What a thing, if indeed the story is not just basket on the part of the ‘Opposition Chief Whip’ because everyone knows that ‘basket doh hold water”.
In any event if this is indeed a factual story it would be interesting to see how the government pursues the matter. Just keep Bas in mind as the story unfolds. One way or another the heat in the kitchen just might be the recipe needed for an unforgiving opposition waiting in the wings for the first opportunity to embarrass the Patrick Manning administration.






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