Feb 28, 2008

Kings Warf Fish Market in need of Water

Dey Say
All that they are asking for is a good supply of water to keep the stalls clean and in a sanitary condition for the sale of their fish. That is the plight, the concern of the Fish vendors at the Kings Warf Fish Market in San Fernando.
Fish already has a smell to it and just imagine the excess fish scales and blood remaining in the stalls as the sun burns in all its glory. The smell turns ‘nasty’ and unsanitary producing conditions that are unfit for a place that sells fish that is to become food. It is deplorable that no one in control seems to know about the problem. Isn’t it a fact that all markets have someone on site to ensure that things are done in an orderly fashion? Someone has to open and close the market every day so how is it that the San Fernando Borough Corporation is unaware that the water is turned off at 10:00 am every day?
Well Marlene Coudray, the city corporation’s chief executive, has promised to ‘fix’ the problem while stating that she was unaware of the problem.

"Who said dat not dey say but she say!"






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