Feb 7, 2008

Not so Secure Guard loses Smith and Wesson revolver.

Dey Say
Only in Trinidad something like this could happen and in this case the bad news could sound so sweet. It was reported that a security guard, while on duty mind you, at a supermarket decided to take a nap. Now take it easy it was not his break time and someone came to relieve him so that he could get something to eat or even use the facilities. He decided that even though he was getting paid to secure the premises of the supermarket that it was ok to take a nap. So much for value for money! This single stupid act may have probably ruined the reputation of that security firm. Now when this guard awoke from his slumber he realized that his Smith and Wesson revolver and 12 rounds of ammunition was missing and were very likely now in the hands of criminals.
Now the story gets even better or worse (you be the judge). He reported that around 2:00 am on Carnival he left the gun and ammunition in a bar area of the restaurant and went to take a nap leaving the gun at the bar area. What stupidity to part with the weapon that you need to use in case of a break in to defend not only the property from theft but also for his own personal safety. This story smells and more investigation is needed to get to the bottom of this story. Only in Trinidad folks!






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