Feb 21, 2008

The Selection Of The New Commissioner of Police in the hands of a US Company

Dey Say
What does it all mean? I mean we have to enlist an American firm to ‘finalize names of persons who have applied for the position of Commissioner of Police’. What does finalize mean? Is it that they would do background checks of the persons who applied after which the list will be given to the government for the interviewing process to begin? Does it mean that the persons applying for the position would be from places other than Trinidad and Tobago? If not then are we not competent enough to select our own Commissioner? I mean in the end isn’t the Public Service Commission going to conduct the interviews and select the Commissioner? There are so many questions that one can ask but one that must be asked, at what cost?
Dey Say ‘John Public’ doesn’t have a clue about this situation but still does not believe that the Commissioner of Police will be give the authority to clean up the police force with a powerful union waiting for the first foul ball to be tossed its’ way.
We want the new Commissioner to be held to the highest standards and probably that is the reason we have big brother in the form of the American entity involved in the screening process. Hopefully it will all be done with the best interests of the people in mind and the process concluded in time so that we don’t need to extend the present Commissioner’s tenure another year. The Prime Minister has promised that the process should be completed by May 2008.






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