Mar 1, 2008

Was it Fair to call the City Port-of-Shame?

Do you think that it was fair to call the capital city 'Port-of-Shame' because of the killings that recently took place within the last three weeks?
Dey Say that the talk on the streets is that lawlessness is prevalent and the security forces are unable to deal with the current brazen killing machine walking as human beings who calmly walk up to their victims and pull the trigger. These guys have ice flowing in their veins. Port of Spain has police officers and soldiers patrolling the streets yet still this guy was brazen enough to walk up to Marlon Gocking and pull the trigger on a busy street.
Dey Say that the Mayor and PM are living a lie or simply don’t have a clue on the direction to take to correct the lawlessness that has taken hold of the nation. People are murdered almost every day and this is the norm all over the country. So why did they choose to call the city Port of Sham? The mayor of 'Port of Shame' yikes I am sorry Port of Spain has accused the leader of the Opposition as sensationalizing the situation that is taking place in the city and has assured the public that the city is safe. Ahem serious murders are taking place and he considers the city safe.
This reminds me of the radio personalities on WACK radio who like to tease the Trinidadians living overseas about the beauty of the Island (we do know how beautiful the island is btw) and that we are missing so much. Screech, hold on just one minute now, I guess that I read more local newspapers that these guys do because every day there is another murder to report, that was not the case when I resided in Trinidad. The country is beautiful but all civility and moral values have been flushed into the Gulf of Paria. The country needs a bush bath to wash off this blight that is ruing the good name of the city of Port of Spain and the country in general.
I don’t think that it was fair to label the city 'Port-of-Shame' but the point was well made and hopefully will get the attention needed to clean up these recalcitrant law breakers.






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