Feb 26, 2008

Wasa Sink holes gut traffic along Lady Young Avenue

“Dey Say”
Ruptured pipelines seem to be the ire of many taxi drivers prompting them to shut down traffic on the pot hole strewn pavement. This gripe and the constant broken axles prompted over 60 taxi drivers to stage a noisy protest to get the relevant authorities to repair the rutted roadway along Lady Young Avenue. Indeed it seems like the Ministry responsible for the long needed repairs are cowering behind Wasa’s assumed guilt as speculated by the drivers who ply the route.
Incredibly with the entire 'vote getting road repairs' that took place during the last general elections someone forgot about Lady Young Avenue. I guess the people were satisfied with the work done by the previous administration and did not seem to care about the roadway’s condition during the election campaigning. Now all hell has broken loose and the drivers and the passengers who ply the route are hopping mad.
‘Dey say’, it is a case of too little too late; 'cry all yuh want but yuh get what yuh deserved', cried Albot to Senseless (voters who wore blinders during the general elections). But wait one minute, no taxpayer deserves this (hey btw do taxi drivers pay income tax on the earnings from working the taxi?). You deserve to drive on roads like the ones repaved during the election campaign, don’t you? Don’t be fooled into thinking that I am happy that the road is in disrepair – I am not. However, no one seemed to care during the election campaigning. What should be done? Well, the fact that your protest made Newsday is a start. The longer the situation remains the same the more maintenance work will have to be done to keep your vehicles on the road. Don’t take no or the wait and see attitude. Empower yourselves and make it happen.
Keep protesting and let your presence be known to the Minister responsible for the roadway. 'Stick2itiveness' is a necessity. By all means let your Parliamentary representatives know that you mean business and that you expect action from him.

Keep hope alive and your repair shop phone number on speed dial on your mobile phone.






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