Feb 16, 2008

"We Ting?"

Dey Say…
We created it so it has to be the best! From the heart and soul, from the bosom of mother Trinidad Pan was born and nurtured into a wonderful instrument and also as an orchestra that fascinates people around the World.
Having said that then Trinidad is obviously the University of Pan with geniuses like Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe, Ken ‘Professor’ Philmore, Jit Samaroo and a host of others creating and arranging music to fascinate and drive people delirious during the Carnival festival. Panorama is de best as most Trinis would say. So it is with interest that I recently read about a few Trinidadians studying at the University of Illinois studying Pan as part of their music major. Why there and not in Trinidad?
The Pan Major students were fortunate not to be harmed (this is the University where a gunman killed six students then turned the gun on himself to end the chaos) and for that we are grateful and must give thanks that they were not harmed. However, I am curious and interested in knowing about the ‘Pan Major’ that the students were part of at the Northern Illinois University. If that is the case (studying for a music degree majoring in Pan) then, why is it that Trinidadians have to leave our homeland to study ‘Pan’ at an American University?
Why doesn’t "UWI" offer this course of study? Ok, I am not naïve and understand that the study of music is a part of most American Universities and may not be that important in the Caribbean region.
We are talking about Pan –“we ting”, as most Trinidadians like to say.
So can someone please enlighten me, help me to understand this concept where Trinidadians must leave the homeland to study Pan at in a foreign land? It is interesting to note that Mia Gormandy is the niece of one of the steel pan's genius arrangers, Len ‘Boogsie’ Sharpe. My ignorance has befuddled me and warrants your enlightenment.






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