Feb 11, 2008

What happened to Champs in Concert the true Crème de la Crème?

Dey Say
Did you watch Crème de la Crème on Saturday night? I did, to tell you the truth even though I enjoyed the show it did not feel like Champs in concert. Indeed the show was good there were some very good performances. However, I felt that it was a good cultural show that could have had the same impact if it was placed any time in the year. All the champs of the recently concluded Carnival festival are what Crème de la Crème should really have featured. Now we have to ask why did they change the format of the show and 'dissed' so many champions? It was an easy decision as far Patrick Arnold, President of Pan Trinbago was concerned – Money!
Mr. Arnold went on to state that the decision to change the format of the after carnival show was made months ago because they simply could not afford to financially support the former venture aka “Champs in Concert”.
He also stated:“Champs in Concert be-comes more and more costly every year,” he said, “We have so much competitions throughout the Carnival season and when that is done we have a lot of champions on our hands who we cannot afford to pay.”
Money is always an issue with these shows; Mr. Arnold went on to state that the show was not sponsored nor did the government have any input financially in the project that would have enabled artistes like Faye-Ann and Bunji Garlin to participate. He also noted that the venue used could only accommodate about 2,000 patrons thereby limiting the income that could have been generated by such an event.
The show in my view was well put together and is a good cultural package to put on a DVD for sale. Hopefully next year thing would be different and Crème de la Crème will once again accommodate the Champions of the season.






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