Mar 28, 2008

‘Caste system destroying Hinduism’

Dey Say:
“The caste system has destroyed the perception of Hinduism globally and this is why millions of people have been alienated and they have left Hinduism. The caste system has been destructive and this is the reality.” —Dr Balliram Chadee.
No one needs a degree to realize that the caste system that places persons of the Hindu faith in a social order that literally makes some servants for life is ridiculous. How can one believe in God and the essence of God that places all men and women as his beloved children yet still place an individual to a life of servitude simply because of the color of his skin or simply because of the caste he/she belongs to - it is a sinful creation of man not God!
I remember many years ago dating this young lady whose parents were Hindus – that never went anywhere because they considered to be rude and out of place. Why, because I challenged their belief! The mother asked me my name and when I said it she asked why “it couldn’t be Maharaj of Singh”. Man I got furious and told her that this is Trinidad not India and that the caste system has no place in a modern civilized society (no apologies to India). That was the end of the relationship – just to let you know, that family self destructed and became a mess with suicide and divorce – a tragedy indeed (this is a true story).
If Dr. Chadee can make inroads into the Maha Saba organization I will consider him a modern day hero but that is only wishful thinking. People like Sat Maharaj will never change. As he said education is the key and most of the young Indo Trinidadians know better. However, we have bigger problems in Trinidad today with a disillusioned society and a total lack of direction from those who can effect change.
Dr. Chadee, good luck with your plans you will need divine intervention to achieve those lofty goals.






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