Mar 7, 2008

Crafty Jet Transaction Indeed - what is the truth?

Dey Say
This Bombardier Jet purchase is getting more and more confusing every day. It was reported in one daily newspaper that the government never advanced any money to Caribbean Airlines to secure the new jet for the Executive service planned by who ever had the idea to do so (PM, Government or Caribbean Airlines).
Now if the government did not advance the monies where did CA get that kind of money to make the deposit to secure the aircraft? This airline was officially launched a few months ago and does not have that kind of cash available. So where did the money come from? Well a ‘source’ as reported in the newspaper stated, "After Cabinet held its discussions Caribbean Airlines made a deposit towards the acquisition of the aircraft."
These politicians are crafty and given the statement above one can tell that the person was still dodging answering the question that begs being answered, ‘did the government provide the financing?’
Only in sweet TNT folks, have a very pleasant weekend!






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