Mar 15, 2008

A Dell away from Incaceration

“TWO upper sixth form Hillview College students are among six other people who remained in police custody last night in connection with the theft of Dell computers from the college.”
Isn't this incredible; who does not believe that this was an inside job? These students must have had assistance from the security guards on duty to have been able to move 28 Dell Computers and not be seen. This is what the country has come to when students will ruin the chances of others to benefit from the technology provided for the entire school. These students should be treated like the scoundrels that they are and charged as adults in this fiasco.
Fortunately 18 of the computers have already been recovered and arrests have been made in several areas. It is amazing that the parents of these students did not question the students when they showed up at home with several of the stolen computers – the parents are looking culpable since they remained quiet and did not act appropriately, they did not do the right thing.
The students who participated in this distasteful act are six formers of the prestigious Hilview College – they have brought shame and scandal to their families. These students are preparing for University entry and it seems common sense thinking was superseded by the lust for quick money to satisfy their wants not needs. They needed to get a good education but might now end up finding out all about the way justice works.
I feel for the good hard working students who now have to live with the fact that they don’t have the needed computers to accelerate their studies and now have to live with this stain to the school’s good name.
Let’s hope that these students learn a very ‘hard’ lesson and turn to their books now that they have ruined their chances for easy access to the jobs out there because of the theft of the computers – it is now up to the court system to determine the future of these misled youths.






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