Mar 3, 2008

Gingerbread House Family Lacouray

The Boissiere House is the big story in Trinidad because the Heritage Foundation wants it to be labeled a National treasure because of its architecture. The present owner is very pleased and wants upwards of $45M for the property. However, this note is not about the house per say but the origins of the Boissiere family and that is why it is in the Dey Say Blog.
Dey Say that way back in the early part of the 19Th century a French Creole planter, Jean de Boissiere, had an ‘affair’ with one of his slaves, a Zu Zule, and fathered a child who was named Jules Arnold Boissiere. Jules Boissiere was born in 1856. Jules in turn fathered Eliza Boissiere who was a very important person in the history of Trinidad and Tobago … why?
The ‘why’ is very significant because Dey Say has learnt that Eliza Boissiere who later married civil servant Henry Thomas Williams gave birth to two children? The oldest boy was born in 1911 and was named Eric. Yes my friends the very same father of the nation Dr. Eric Eustace Williams.
The Boissiere house was built by Charles Boissiere as a gift for his wife Alice Boissiere. Charles was the third cousin of Dr Eric Williams. So now you can see the connection of the house to the father of the nation, Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams. Some people want the government to purchase the house because of the history of the family and the connection to the late Dr. Williams. Both Charles and Eric were decedents of the French Creole planter Dean de Boissiere and his African mistress ZuZule.

“What ah ting boi!”






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