Mar 21, 2008

Good Friday Thoughts

It is Good Friday around the World and a day that is rife with ‘fete matches’ throughout Trinidad and Tobago. This is the day that the Bobolee is beaten and laughter erupts in park areas as young and old alike attempt to climb the greasy pole to get the prize at the top of the pole (usually a leg of ham). Indeed it is a wonderful experience for everyone and jokes abound about the barrel wash juice that is served.
The time is now 10:45 am and I just read an article on today’s Trinidad Guardian that caused me to pause. There are now 90 deaths caused because of premeditated/spur of the moment rage/ruthlessness that resulted in murder. What a disgrace and shame as the Easter religious period arrives with so much hate and despair in the society. We have a small sector of the society hell bent on creating chaos and mayhem at a time when we can hardly keep our heads above the financial despair that has gripped so many families in the society. Fear of an uncertain future, fear of crime and the criminal element at a time when we should be celebrating the gift that the Creator has given to us. The malicious element will not rest and have no respect for life, liberty and happiness unless it is their life, their liberty and their happiness.
So today when you stand on the sidelines and enjoy a bellyful of laughter because of the great camaraderie on the playgrounds pause and reflect at our present state. Enjoy the moment and celebrate with your friends and family but remember that tomorrow we just may be reading about another murder another senseless crime that will surely bring pain and suffering to somebody’s family.
We are not alone and we must make an effort to stem the tide of despair brought about by these nefarious elements in the society. So go out and have some fun, laugh and cheer on your friends and family but be safe and think about how you can help to right the ship in these turbulent times.
If you are a Christian and you believe in the Gospel then your faith will guide you to always make the right decisions. Remember to pause, even walk away from an argument that could lead to some of the senseless mishaps that resulted in the loss of life. Franklyn Dolly hosted a show on WACK radio 90.1 FM in which he spoke about ‘dispute resolution and the state of our emotional bank’. He said that we should take the time to ‘talk it out’; those are simple but very powerful words. It seems that we have lost our way and it is more about me than us. We must never ever forget that in this life we are in it together forever like a husband and wife. We must learn to ride the rough waters and not run out to divorce each other as a first resort. There are options out there; we need to seek them out!
So go and beat the Bobolee and release your tensions, hug your friends and always remember to set the stage so that the children will learn to do things the right way – they are always listening and watching, what example are you teaching?
Happy Good Friday, happy Easter, may God bless us and guide us all too always do the right thing, to set the right example.






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