Mar 5, 2008

“Grossly Backward Equipment,”

Dey Say
Well it looks like Frankenstein has stepped out of the movies and has found a home at the mortuary of the Eric Williams Medical Complex. Non functional euipment could only mean that bodies are piling up at the mortuary and with the current rate of murders they may soon run out of room to store the bodies.
Just imagine in this day and age of revolutionary medical practices that the doctors at the Medical Complex are using crude hacksaws to open up the deceased citizens for the post mortem examinations. Why? Lord, have mercy because it is a sin that the maintenance of the equipment is disgracefully inadequate. How in heavens name can both power saws go bad at the same time with no other means to quickly get the equipment repaired? Isn’t the Eric Williams Medical Complex the best on the Island? If that is the case then medical services are in trouble and if this is the way they are treating our deceased relatives then Crapo smoke yuh pipe on entering these facilities.
With so much money being spent on development of infrastructure why can’t we get up to date working equipment? Jerry Narace need to start providing the services that people need and stop trying to score points with the first 30 days report when the essential problems have not been resolved. The San Fernando hospital still needs beds. Point Fortin needs a new hospital and the Eric Williams Medical Complex needs to have its equipment repaired immediately.

So please don't let this happen again - no use or claims of "grossly backward equipment" being used to conduct medical services/procedures.






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