Mar 10, 2008

Heads should roll for this injustice to the Citizens

Dey Say,
“Chairman of the UNC Couva South constituency executive Ken Ramnarine said Asst Supt Ramnath of the Couva station told him he wanted to do everything in his power to help Basta Hall residents but was hampered by a lack of vehicles.
“We’re trying to get some vehicles to assist the police,” Ramnarine said.”
This is nothing short of a damn shame and should be considered criminal neglect by the government. When I spoke about priorities regarding the purchase of the executive jet this is one situation that comes to mind. How in heavens name can an idea to purchase a plane come before cabinet today then the next day it gets approved and financing made available and the police don’t have vehicles to patrol areas? How in heavens name are the citizens of Trinidad putting up with this nonsense?
Basta Hall is a secluded village at the mercy of the bandits who recently decided that it was a good place to go and rob and terrorize the people. The police did not even attend the town meeting that was called to discuss the problem. The people have formed a neighborhood watch to protect themselves – the police simply don’t have the resources to help these taxpayers.
Just think about it some smarty-pants decided that it was an intelligent move to spend Millions of dollars to buy blimps that could be heard and seen from a distance to serve as a deterrent to crime. The bandits used the blimps as target practice and now Millions of dollars (that could have purchased cars for the entire police force) is grounded. Now we are getting a jet, no immediate help for the coast guards and definitely no police cars to respond to citizen’s cries for assistance.
Don’t you think heads should roll for these injustices?






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