Mar 12, 2008

Medical (HIV) Catastrophe

Dey Say
It was reported today that there are between 20K to 30K (close to 30,000 infected) persons infected with HIV in Trinidad and Tobago! There was no explanation as to how this figure was ascertained. However, if the estimate is this big then, know that it is worse than the quoted figure. There are many infected persons out there who just don't know, who don't like going to doctors, those who simply don't care and won't tell their partners.
The disease will multiply in crazy fashion because of promiscuity and those who will continue to have unprotected intercourse. Carnival just went by and it is a known fact that 'free sex' is part of the festivities (the disease is in incubation in many now) ... many young men attended fetes with the hope/goal of getting 'laid'. What a disaster... know it will only get worse.
The medical community will be overwhelmed once the disease explodes into full blown AIDS. This is a story that we need to follow and hopefully the Minister of Health (Jerry Narace) will face the public and state the plans of the Health Ministry to deal with this current/impending disaster.






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