Mar 8, 2008

Move in this Direction

Dey Say,
“Dey thief, all ah dem thief, buy de damn plane, at least ah go see whey de money going. What they talking about people suffering now; what, dey didn’t know people suffering all de time? Food prices going up, ah didn’t hear dem say anything. People cyar afford to buy food, ah didn’t hear dem say ah ting, so buy de damn plane. People doh like progress and the plane go make de country look good! Dey thief when dey were in government the airport scandal still relevant and they build de ting with gypsum board for all that money spent … so buy de damn plane – a sampling of typical Trini talk.”
Yes, indeed they should go ahead and purchase the plane … no big deal it will simply add to the list of items to complain about. Nothing will come of it and with the Point Fortin Carnival coming up all will be forgotten. I think the government should use the blimps to travel about the place but wait the blimps have been grounded for various reasons – tax payer’s money down the drain.

Again, we have more bad news to report. There is a festering abscess called crime in the country. A good portion of it is related to drugs and illegal guns that find their way into the country by persons (local and foreign) using power boats to dash across the ocean from the Venezuelan coastline. Hey that is easy to stop, send the Coast Guard to intercept these boats – an easy solution. But wait one minute now most of the Coast Guard vessels are out of service.

OK here is the plan, get the jet as fast as possible and use it to check the coast line regularly to make up for the missing Coast Guard vessels. Yes that was a silly idea but it looks like the government is devoid of ideas. Six vessels have been ordered with the first delivery date scheduled for some time in 2009. In the interim the drug dealers are having an uninterrupted supply of guns and drugs to devastate the society. We not come to a very important word that every government minister should have on a 3X5 index card – Priorities! Yes I am serious, the answer in the short term is to list the things that are needed to be addressed then prioritize the needs and attack them going from the most important to the least. Make the citizens feel good knowing that their government cares and is addressing their needs.

I have not forgotten the argument made by many about the purchase of the Executive Jet and that is it will not be PM Manning’s jet but that of the nation. The fact that the next administration will have the jet to use is no excuse to get the jet. Just remember that our governments have been accused of corrupt practices in the past and most people don’t really care about it in the future. However, it is time that we put a stop to this attitude and move on. Everything should be above board. Nothing should be in question and there should be a body free of government intervention to examine business transactions conducted by any government of the country. This is not about the PNM or the UNC or the next government that would be elected. This is about ensuring that every penny spent by future governments can be accounted for and that it should all be spent to benefit the economy and lives of the people living in the republic.

Is that the case today? No, so there is a need to pass new laws that will create a body to look over all the dealings of the government, every contract agreed to should be squeaky clean and no one should profit personally from public transactions. Can we get that done? You tell me…






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