Mar 18, 2008

Now the Women Police officers are embroiled in theft of funds!

Dey Say
It has been reported that two women police officers allegedly stole over $1M from 2006 to 2008. This is on the heels of another report of Police officers raiding or misusing funds allocated to pay overtime salaries due to deserving officers.
The money that was allegedly stolen was legitimately approved for disbursement but manipulated to line the pockets of the two devious officers. The funds were allocated to the Homicide Bureau.
One of the officers is reported to have eight years service while the other officer was recently posted the Homicide Bureau from the Finance department.
Isn't it amazing that there is no oversight and approval for the disbursement and use of these funds. Why is it so easy for these unscrupulous persons to get away with these acts of deceit for so long?
There is a need for oversight and accountability at every level and most importantly these officers, if/when found guilty, should be made to pay for this crime. They should repay every penny stolen and disgracefully discharged without pension.






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