Mar 30, 2008

Parliamentary Lacouray

Dey Say:
Much ado about nothing … trouble in Parliament leading to the postponement of the people’s business. Now I am not foolish into thinking that this was about the laptop. This was really about the Speaker of the House conducting business as he wants to – under the guise of standing orders.
Now what is the big deal with the use of the laptop? I don’t see why Parliamentarians can’t have access to any information that allows them to provide the best presentation in the interest of the district they represent or the country as a whole. Big deal this is not an examination and the use of electronic devices are barred from usage. When I think about this is become more and more silly.
The government spent a ton of the taxpayer’s money to provide laptops for Ministers and representatives so why don’t they make 100% use of the equipment that would eventually disappear and would eventually end up as a write off. People using laptops should be able to use it to make presentations. What kind of distraction would the use of a laptop cause? It is quiet, there is no sound coming from fans and the keyboard. What is the big deal? The amount of information that representative can store depends on the size of their hard drives and the use of the laptop would enable them to reference material stored on the hard drive quickly.
Mr. Panday referenced the fact that he has every broken promise made by the government stored on his laptop – good for him. This would enable him to counter point discussions and new promises/rehashed promises made with ease. Likewise the government ministers could have information about broken promises/statements made by Mr. Panday and the Opposition benches to use as counter points. The computer is an important tool for sustained and educated discussions but should not be used as a deterrent to a successful Parliamentary session.
The truth is that these educated gentlemen, whom have been elected to represent the public interest, like to play games and poke fun at each other. The interest of the people gets attention after the fun has taken place. Small island politics at its best!






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