Sep 19, 2008

Denial of the Dengue Outbreak in Trinidad... Fire Jerry Narace!

Private nursing home in Sando: 119 tested positive for dengue!

The Nile is a majestic river on the continent of Africa but in the small island of Trinidad denial is the river of shame that flows from the offices of the Ministry of Health with party organizer Jerry Narace pretending to be the “honorable minister of disgrace”. Why is this man still at the helm of the Ministry of Health?
Narace has denied that there is a Dengue outbreak in the county yet still people are getting sick and some are dying. The Minister of party organization aka Minister of Health has denied that there is a problem. Why are private nursing homes reporting such high incidences of dengue infection? Please read the article posted on the online edition of the Guardian newspaper here.
Denial is the the modus operandi of this brazen individual. He has chosen to address the problem with lots of talk and no action. We should not be in such a situation now that the tresuary is overflowing with petro dollars. The Minister should have a nationwide campaign in effect to keep these insects on retreat. Spraying and fogging of the area(s) most susceptible to dengue mosquitoes should be the priority at this time. Those whom are sick should not be lied to and left to become a statistic because of his incompetitence.
What a shame, these politicians continue to play games while the people continue to suffer. In the end we are back to the very reason the politician is in office with the people having to take the blame because of the "who we go put" nonsense.
We are in for a rough ride and can only hope that the opposition forces can agree to disagree and forge ahead to a new political union for the betterment of the country/

Sep 9, 2008

Just trying something - Health Conscious

I don't know if anything will work but since I have not been feeling great I decided to follow some of the advice given by the Aloe Man.
All right so I don't have the GAP pills readily available but I do understand that it is a blend of Garlic, Parsley and Aloe. So I did the next best thing. I bought the garlic parsley capsules and the Aloe Vera stalk. I drink the aloe juice and take the garlic parsley capsule. I also purchased a drink from COSTCO that has a blend of 40 fruits and vegetables (Drinkables Fruits and Vegetable blend).

Now that is a good start.

Next I purchased (received today) one bottle each (32 oz) of Camu-Camu juice, Mangosteen, Acai and Goji. Hey I am going for broke - I might be broke before I feel any health benefits from these purchases.

Ok to support this health drive I am eating smaller portions of food and I am trying hard to limit red meats and increase my fish portions (I like salmon a lot). The veggie thing is hard to keep up with but I am trying.
Exercise - I got to make use of my New York Sports Club membership - can't be making excuses about the lower back pain. Hey maybe a better excuse is to say that I really have to help my wife with the triplets (3 years old). Wait one minute now that is the truth but the only thing is my wife makes sure that I am involved 100% - it is all good!
But the problem is hamburgers taste so good. OK, maybe I will get into the turkey and salmon burgers and stay away from processed foods especially white flour products (oh gosh dhal pouri and buss up shot that is too much of a big sacrifice to make) - this is too much.
I will make an effort to stay away from sodas, cakes and processed sugar products. I purchased 100 packs of Stevia to put in my tea (it got good reviews).
Ok I am going to give it a try - I am a little more health conscious (if not healthy) thanks to the GAP Man/Aloe Man and the programming on WACK radio 90.1 FM.

Sep 7, 2008

Things that make you go, "Hmm"

I really feel good knowing that our country has stepped up to the plate to assist our neighbors in the Caribbean affected by the anger and might of hurricanes recently. Great!I am not pleased that we are not doing the same for those whom are in need at home. The money allocated for those recently affected by floods at home is miniscule compared to the aide sent to our neighbors.
We are feting our Olympic athletes for four days to the tune of $********* questionable amounts – a few Millions maybe?
Really, Rice is produced in commercial quantities inTrinidad?
High food prices are the norm in Trinidad and Tobago and now we learn that the Rice farmers with crops that are maturing and would soon be ready for harvesting are in a quandary and are left wondering if their rice would be worth anything. The National Flour Mills has put up for sale the only milling factory on the Island. There is no guarantee that they would purchase the rice paddy for processing. If in fact the factory is sold there is no guarantee that the new owner would purchase the current crop at the established rates. During this entire ‘looming crisis’ nothing has been heard from the Ministry of Agriculture. Now how much rice are we talking about here? You would be surprised to learn that the quantity is in the vicinity of ten million pounds that’s correct 10,000,000 pounds of rice. Did you know that we produced this amount of rice annually?
Here is a quote from the Trinidad Guardian Newspaper:“From October 1 to December 1, approximately 4,000 acres of mature rice (10,000,000 pounds) at Felicity, Caroni, Campo, Bejucal, Plum Mitan and several areas in South would be reaped.”
The article is entitled "Floods of paddy" – make an effort and read the article. This is an amazing story it seems that when the Government dismantled Caroni limited they really intend not to produce any food but the buy everything. The farms are just promises and nothing has been planted, reaped or sold with the exception of all the promises made by the Manning administration.

Only in Trinidad my friends – Silly season is open!

Wack Radio 90.1 FM - well done Culture Krazy Champions of TNT!

It has been said that faith can move mountains and for some reason I felt the weight of "Wackos" around the World weighing heavily on my spirit … it was a day where I found myself in a sink or swim situation – I chose to swim! Indeed it can be a challenge to stay afloat with so many nay Sayers waiting for the moment that you capitulate and admit that you were wrong about something. Then again you can be someone who simply stands on the sideline and claim ignorance because you came for the game not to support either team in the field of play. Well here I am in a position where several persons expect me to state my position and come clean regarding the WACK radio Independence Day music marathon. Let me say this, it was a glorious recognition of 46 years of independence with an abundance of local music to support their claim of being the champions of our musical culture on air. What do you think? Did they live up to your expectations? Well here is my take…
Culture Krazy:
Yes, yes and yes! There is no competition at home or abroad when it comes to playing the music of Trinidad and Tobago – no competition in sight or that can be heard at home or over the internet. Granted there are sites that have lists of local music for sampling and to be played on demand – indeed there are but there is no station or media house that plays the variety of music that WACK radio 90.1 fm broadcasts on a daily basis.
Now yesterday was quite different and to be honest I did not expect such an organized and well presented programming that was presented as a gift to our now middle aged nation. It all started with Ebony and Amber and concluded with Dr. the Right Honorable David Matthews. However, the surprise presenter of the day, none other than Kenny Phillips the aging captain of the WACK presentation of chune after chune after chune who came on and hit the mark. So how did Kenny do this? Well my friend Sharon aka South Trini insisted that I let everyone know that “Kenny was the man yesterday”. Damion would say that all that I am doing is sucking up to Kenny. If that is the case I have to ask, “Why? None of that matters but the fact that Kenny really dug deep and brought back memories of elementary school says a lot for the job that he did. The ladies did a great job and the middle of the show simply kept the championship flag flying high. David (I have to take the word of others here now) did a great job. I can say he had the toughest assignment because a song could only be played one time and if he did as good as I am told he deserves kudos for a job well done.
Pet Peeve:
Ok my pet peeve with WACK radio is that they don’t really live up to the Culture Krazy claim that they boast about. Well I have to admit for one day they came a long way. What is my complaint? Not enough Chutney selections but then again there are many other genres that don’t get equal play or fair play when compared to Calypso and Soca. Indeed Rapso and Folk music aficionados can complain likewise. I have always said to Kenny Phillips that we play everything and even though Pan has its segments on the weekend the tracks that Kenny played during his segment cries out for more steel pan music. So really, what about my pet peeve?
Wikipedia states: “At the same time, chutney became a massive force in Trinidadian music, arising from the island's Indian population. It has now become 'mainstream' across the islands and elsewhere in the Caribbean, and has spawned its own subgenres, including ragga chutney, chutney-hip hop. Soca-bhangragga and chutney-bhangra. The article also went on to talk more about Chutney Soca and dhut-kai-pang (ie chutney, Parang and Calypso mixed with Venezuelan-derived rhythms.
Indeed there was Pickacharee and Chutney more so than is usually played on the station on any given day – let’s see how this unfolds in the days ahead. Was it a one day appeasement or part of change to come – only time will tell!
Diverse = many and different. Simple enough… “Celebrating our diversity Wack style” Right back at you Kenny and that also brings to mind the lack of play of many genres on a “regular basis” not just when a holiday comes along.
Indeed we are as diverse in our tastes as we are cosmopolitan in our makeup but don’t you dare claim to be culture crazy and not include the total fabric of the society. Indeed your financial success may hinge on the demographic that you subscribe to but then again you may need several knocks on your balding head to understand that some change is indeed good.
So what really in the verdict?
Ok I must admit that the station did an excellent job yesterday ... kudos to everyone concerned. Do I need to take a chill pill? Maybe but then again I am not the type of person to sit idly by on the sidelines and watch the show go on. Am I to be labeled the devil’s advocate at all times … hell no for Jesus’ sake (father forgive meh)! Most of the persons who dislike my take on things have nothing to contribute and continually slap the Fannies of the WACK brass for a job well done. Ok that’s ok, but one must realize that the product can always be tweaked and fine tuned to reflect a new vision for the musical culture of our country. Should we simply sit on our laurels and brag and boast about our gifts to the World … pay attention to Machel and his approach to the art form - he collaborates with other artistes and innovates his musical concepts moving Soca into the mainstream that even Hot 97 in NYC plays his music - so change is good. The people at Billboard magazine have taken notice and are beginning to track his efforts.
So my friends keep at the staff at Wack and give credit when credit is due but also give them a sense of where they are at and where they could and should be heading. You may be right or dead wrong but no one can blame you for trying.
So let me conclude by saying congratulations to Mr. Kenny Phillips and his staff on a job well done. Culture Krazy champions with no other station in second or third place. They are that good at that which they do – promote the music of Trinidad and Tobago as no one else can. Congratulations to the management and staff!





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