Sep 19, 2008

Denial of the Dengue Outbreak in Trinidad... Fire Jerry Narace!

Private nursing home in Sando: 119 tested positive for dengue!

The Nile is a majestic river on the continent of Africa but in the small island of Trinidad denial is the river of shame that flows from the offices of the Ministry of Health with party organizer Jerry Narace pretending to be the “honorable minister of disgrace”. Why is this man still at the helm of the Ministry of Health?
Narace has denied that there is a Dengue outbreak in the county yet still people are getting sick and some are dying. The Minister of party organization aka Minister of Health has denied that there is a problem. Why are private nursing homes reporting such high incidences of dengue infection? Please read the article posted on the online edition of the Guardian newspaper here.
Denial is the the modus operandi of this brazen individual. He has chosen to address the problem with lots of talk and no action. We should not be in such a situation now that the tresuary is overflowing with petro dollars. The Minister should have a nationwide campaign in effect to keep these insects on retreat. Spraying and fogging of the area(s) most susceptible to dengue mosquitoes should be the priority at this time. Those whom are sick should not be lied to and left to become a statistic because of his incompetitence.
What a shame, these politicians continue to play games while the people continue to suffer. In the end we are back to the very reason the politician is in office with the people having to take the blame because of the "who we go put" nonsense.
We are in for a rough ride and can only hope that the opposition forces can agree to disagree and forge ahead to a new political union for the betterment of the country/






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