Sep 9, 2008

Just trying something - Health Conscious

I don't know if anything will work but since I have not been feeling great I decided to follow some of the advice given by the Aloe Man.
All right so I don't have the GAP pills readily available but I do understand that it is a blend of Garlic, Parsley and Aloe. So I did the next best thing. I bought the garlic parsley capsules and the Aloe Vera stalk. I drink the aloe juice and take the garlic parsley capsule. I also purchased a drink from COSTCO that has a blend of 40 fruits and vegetables (Drinkables Fruits and Vegetable blend).

Now that is a good start.

Next I purchased (received today) one bottle each (32 oz) of Camu-Camu juice, Mangosteen, Acai and Goji. Hey I am going for broke - I might be broke before I feel any health benefits from these purchases.

Ok to support this health drive I am eating smaller portions of food and I am trying hard to limit red meats and increase my fish portions (I like salmon a lot). The veggie thing is hard to keep up with but I am trying.
Exercise - I got to make use of my New York Sports Club membership - can't be making excuses about the lower back pain. Hey maybe a better excuse is to say that I really have to help my wife with the triplets (3 years old). Wait one minute now that is the truth but the only thing is my wife makes sure that I am involved 100% - it is all good!
But the problem is hamburgers taste so good. OK, maybe I will get into the turkey and salmon burgers and stay away from processed foods especially white flour products (oh gosh dhal pouri and buss up shot that is too much of a big sacrifice to make) - this is too much.
I will make an effort to stay away from sodas, cakes and processed sugar products. I purchased 100 packs of Stevia to put in my tea (it got good reviews).
Ok I am going to give it a try - I am a little more health conscious (if not healthy) thanks to the GAP Man/Aloe Man and the programming on WACK radio 90.1 FM.






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