Mar 30, 2008

Parliamentary Lacouray

Dey Say:
Much ado about nothing … trouble in Parliament leading to the postponement of the people’s business. Now I am not foolish into thinking that this was about the laptop. This was really about the Speaker of the House conducting business as he wants to – under the guise of standing orders.
Now what is the big deal with the use of the laptop? I don’t see why Parliamentarians can’t have access to any information that allows them to provide the best presentation in the interest of the district they represent or the country as a whole. Big deal this is not an examination and the use of electronic devices are barred from usage. When I think about this is become more and more silly.
The government spent a ton of the taxpayer’s money to provide laptops for Ministers and representatives so why don’t they make 100% use of the equipment that would eventually disappear and would eventually end up as a write off. People using laptops should be able to use it to make presentations. What kind of distraction would the use of a laptop cause? It is quiet, there is no sound coming from fans and the keyboard. What is the big deal? The amount of information that representative can store depends on the size of their hard drives and the use of the laptop would enable them to reference material stored on the hard drive quickly.
Mr. Panday referenced the fact that he has every broken promise made by the government stored on his laptop – good for him. This would enable him to counter point discussions and new promises/rehashed promises made with ease. Likewise the government ministers could have information about broken promises/statements made by Mr. Panday and the Opposition benches to use as counter points. The computer is an important tool for sustained and educated discussions but should not be used as a deterrent to a successful Parliamentary session.
The truth is that these educated gentlemen, whom have been elected to represent the public interest, like to play games and poke fun at each other. The interest of the people gets attention after the fun has taken place. Small island politics at its best!

Mar 28, 2008

‘Caste system destroying Hinduism’

Dey Say:
“The caste system has destroyed the perception of Hinduism globally and this is why millions of people have been alienated and they have left Hinduism. The caste system has been destructive and this is the reality.” —Dr Balliram Chadee.
No one needs a degree to realize that the caste system that places persons of the Hindu faith in a social order that literally makes some servants for life is ridiculous. How can one believe in God and the essence of God that places all men and women as his beloved children yet still place an individual to a life of servitude simply because of the color of his skin or simply because of the caste he/she belongs to - it is a sinful creation of man not God!
I remember many years ago dating this young lady whose parents were Hindus – that never went anywhere because they considered to be rude and out of place. Why, because I challenged their belief! The mother asked me my name and when I said it she asked why “it couldn’t be Maharaj of Singh”. Man I got furious and told her that this is Trinidad not India and that the caste system has no place in a modern civilized society (no apologies to India). That was the end of the relationship – just to let you know, that family self destructed and became a mess with suicide and divorce – a tragedy indeed (this is a true story).
If Dr. Chadee can make inroads into the Maha Saba organization I will consider him a modern day hero but that is only wishful thinking. People like Sat Maharaj will never change. As he said education is the key and most of the young Indo Trinidadians know better. However, we have bigger problems in Trinidad today with a disillusioned society and a total lack of direction from those who can effect change.
Dr. Chadee, good luck with your plans you will need divine intervention to achieve those lofty goals.

Mar 21, 2008

Good Friday Thoughts

It is Good Friday around the World and a day that is rife with ‘fete matches’ throughout Trinidad and Tobago. This is the day that the Bobolee is beaten and laughter erupts in park areas as young and old alike attempt to climb the greasy pole to get the prize at the top of the pole (usually a leg of ham). Indeed it is a wonderful experience for everyone and jokes abound about the barrel wash juice that is served.
The time is now 10:45 am and I just read an article on today’s Trinidad Guardian that caused me to pause. There are now 90 deaths caused because of premeditated/spur of the moment rage/ruthlessness that resulted in murder. What a disgrace and shame as the Easter religious period arrives with so much hate and despair in the society. We have a small sector of the society hell bent on creating chaos and mayhem at a time when we can hardly keep our heads above the financial despair that has gripped so many families in the society. Fear of an uncertain future, fear of crime and the criminal element at a time when we should be celebrating the gift that the Creator has given to us. The malicious element will not rest and have no respect for life, liberty and happiness unless it is their life, their liberty and their happiness.
So today when you stand on the sidelines and enjoy a bellyful of laughter because of the great camaraderie on the playgrounds pause and reflect at our present state. Enjoy the moment and celebrate with your friends and family but remember that tomorrow we just may be reading about another murder another senseless crime that will surely bring pain and suffering to somebody’s family.
We are not alone and we must make an effort to stem the tide of despair brought about by these nefarious elements in the society. So go out and have some fun, laugh and cheer on your friends and family but be safe and think about how you can help to right the ship in these turbulent times.
If you are a Christian and you believe in the Gospel then your faith will guide you to always make the right decisions. Remember to pause, even walk away from an argument that could lead to some of the senseless mishaps that resulted in the loss of life. Franklyn Dolly hosted a show on WACK radio 90.1 FM in which he spoke about ‘dispute resolution and the state of our emotional bank’. He said that we should take the time to ‘talk it out’; those are simple but very powerful words. It seems that we have lost our way and it is more about me than us. We must never ever forget that in this life we are in it together forever like a husband and wife. We must learn to ride the rough waters and not run out to divorce each other as a first resort. There are options out there; we need to seek them out!
So go and beat the Bobolee and release your tensions, hug your friends and always remember to set the stage so that the children will learn to do things the right way – they are always listening and watching, what example are you teaching?
Happy Good Friday, happy Easter, may God bless us and guide us all too always do the right thing, to set the right example.

Mar 18, 2008

Now the Women Police officers are embroiled in theft of funds!

Dey Say
It has been reported that two women police officers allegedly stole over $1M from 2006 to 2008. This is on the heels of another report of Police officers raiding or misusing funds allocated to pay overtime salaries due to deserving officers.
The money that was allegedly stolen was legitimately approved for disbursement but manipulated to line the pockets of the two devious officers. The funds were allocated to the Homicide Bureau.
One of the officers is reported to have eight years service while the other officer was recently posted the Homicide Bureau from the Finance department.
Isn't it amazing that there is no oversight and approval for the disbursement and use of these funds. Why is it so easy for these unscrupulous persons to get away with these acts of deceit for so long?
There is a need for oversight and accountability at every level and most importantly these officers, if/when found guilty, should be made to pay for this crime. They should repay every penny stolen and disgracefully discharged without pension.

Mar 15, 2008

A Dell away from Incaceration

“TWO upper sixth form Hillview College students are among six other people who remained in police custody last night in connection with the theft of Dell computers from the college.”
Isn't this incredible; who does not believe that this was an inside job? These students must have had assistance from the security guards on duty to have been able to move 28 Dell Computers and not be seen. This is what the country has come to when students will ruin the chances of others to benefit from the technology provided for the entire school. These students should be treated like the scoundrels that they are and charged as adults in this fiasco.
Fortunately 18 of the computers have already been recovered and arrests have been made in several areas. It is amazing that the parents of these students did not question the students when they showed up at home with several of the stolen computers – the parents are looking culpable since they remained quiet and did not act appropriately, they did not do the right thing.
The students who participated in this distasteful act are six formers of the prestigious Hilview College – they have brought shame and scandal to their families. These students are preparing for University entry and it seems common sense thinking was superseded by the lust for quick money to satisfy their wants not needs. They needed to get a good education but might now end up finding out all about the way justice works.
I feel for the good hard working students who now have to live with the fact that they don’t have the needed computers to accelerate their studies and now have to live with this stain to the school’s good name.
Let’s hope that these students learn a very ‘hard’ lesson and turn to their books now that they have ruined their chances for easy access to the jobs out there because of the theft of the computers – it is now up to the court system to determine the future of these misled youths.

Mar 12, 2008

Medical (HIV) Catastrophe

Dey Say
It was reported today that there are between 20K to 30K (close to 30,000 infected) persons infected with HIV in Trinidad and Tobago! There was no explanation as to how this figure was ascertained. However, if the estimate is this big then, know that it is worse than the quoted figure. There are many infected persons out there who just don't know, who don't like going to doctors, those who simply don't care and won't tell their partners.
The disease will multiply in crazy fashion because of promiscuity and those who will continue to have unprotected intercourse. Carnival just went by and it is a known fact that 'free sex' is part of the festivities (the disease is in incubation in many now) ... many young men attended fetes with the hope/goal of getting 'laid'. What a disaster... know it will only get worse.
The medical community will be overwhelmed once the disease explodes into full blown AIDS. This is a story that we need to follow and hopefully the Minister of Health (Jerry Narace) will face the public and state the plans of the Health Ministry to deal with this current/impending disaster.

Mar 11, 2008

Lengua Parents want a School. Now!

Lengua parents are upset, in other words they are damn mad. Just imagine that over 3 years ago the Lengua Presbyterian School was declared a hazard and abandoned. The students have been accommodated at the Inverness Presbyterian Primary school since their school was declared a hazard.
Now the question has to be asked, what really is the priority of the government? The Education Minister, Esther Le Gendre, needs to address the concerns of these protesting parents immediately. They want to know when the school is going to be rebuilt. After all this is all about the 20/20 vision plans, right?
Recently we saw $400M approved for the purchase of an aircraft that was done literally overnight. So the Minister needs to explain why after 3 years nothing has been done to remedy the problem in Lengua.
The funny thing is that this government is good at putting up new buildings, just check out Port-of-Spain; there are new buildings all over with others currently in various phases of construction.
Build the school for the children – they are our future!

Mar 10, 2008

Heads should roll for this injustice to the Citizens

Dey Say,
“Chairman of the UNC Couva South constituency executive Ken Ramnarine said Asst Supt Ramnath of the Couva station told him he wanted to do everything in his power to help Basta Hall residents but was hampered by a lack of vehicles.
“We’re trying to get some vehicles to assist the police,” Ramnarine said.”
This is nothing short of a damn shame and should be considered criminal neglect by the government. When I spoke about priorities regarding the purchase of the executive jet this is one situation that comes to mind. How in heavens name can an idea to purchase a plane come before cabinet today then the next day it gets approved and financing made available and the police don’t have vehicles to patrol areas? How in heavens name are the citizens of Trinidad putting up with this nonsense?
Basta Hall is a secluded village at the mercy of the bandits who recently decided that it was a good place to go and rob and terrorize the people. The police did not even attend the town meeting that was called to discuss the problem. The people have formed a neighborhood watch to protect themselves – the police simply don’t have the resources to help these taxpayers.
Just think about it some smarty-pants decided that it was an intelligent move to spend Millions of dollars to buy blimps that could be heard and seen from a distance to serve as a deterrent to crime. The bandits used the blimps as target practice and now Millions of dollars (that could have purchased cars for the entire police force) is grounded. Now we are getting a jet, no immediate help for the coast guards and definitely no police cars to respond to citizen’s cries for assistance.
Don’t you think heads should roll for these injustices?

Mar 8, 2008

Move in this Direction

Dey Say,
“Dey thief, all ah dem thief, buy de damn plane, at least ah go see whey de money going. What they talking about people suffering now; what, dey didn’t know people suffering all de time? Food prices going up, ah didn’t hear dem say anything. People cyar afford to buy food, ah didn’t hear dem say ah ting, so buy de damn plane. People doh like progress and the plane go make de country look good! Dey thief when dey were in government the airport scandal still relevant and they build de ting with gypsum board for all that money spent … so buy de damn plane – a sampling of typical Trini talk.”
Yes, indeed they should go ahead and purchase the plane … no big deal it will simply add to the list of items to complain about. Nothing will come of it and with the Point Fortin Carnival coming up all will be forgotten. I think the government should use the blimps to travel about the place but wait the blimps have been grounded for various reasons – tax payer’s money down the drain.

Again, we have more bad news to report. There is a festering abscess called crime in the country. A good portion of it is related to drugs and illegal guns that find their way into the country by persons (local and foreign) using power boats to dash across the ocean from the Venezuelan coastline. Hey that is easy to stop, send the Coast Guard to intercept these boats – an easy solution. But wait one minute now most of the Coast Guard vessels are out of service.

OK here is the plan, get the jet as fast as possible and use it to check the coast line regularly to make up for the missing Coast Guard vessels. Yes that was a silly idea but it looks like the government is devoid of ideas. Six vessels have been ordered with the first delivery date scheduled for some time in 2009. In the interim the drug dealers are having an uninterrupted supply of guns and drugs to devastate the society. We not come to a very important word that every government minister should have on a 3X5 index card – Priorities! Yes I am serious, the answer in the short term is to list the things that are needed to be addressed then prioritize the needs and attack them going from the most important to the least. Make the citizens feel good knowing that their government cares and is addressing their needs.

I have not forgotten the argument made by many about the purchase of the Executive Jet and that is it will not be PM Manning’s jet but that of the nation. The fact that the next administration will have the jet to use is no excuse to get the jet. Just remember that our governments have been accused of corrupt practices in the past and most people don’t really care about it in the future. However, it is time that we put a stop to this attitude and move on. Everything should be above board. Nothing should be in question and there should be a body free of government intervention to examine business transactions conducted by any government of the country. This is not about the PNM or the UNC or the next government that would be elected. This is about ensuring that every penny spent by future governments can be accounted for and that it should all be spent to benefit the economy and lives of the people living in the republic.

Is that the case today? No, so there is a need to pass new laws that will create a body to look over all the dealings of the government, every contract agreed to should be squeaky clean and no one should profit personally from public transactions. Can we get that done? You tell me…

Mar 7, 2008

Crafty Jet Transaction Indeed - what is the truth?

Dey Say
This Bombardier Jet purchase is getting more and more confusing every day. It was reported in one daily newspaper that the government never advanced any money to Caribbean Airlines to secure the new jet for the Executive service planned by who ever had the idea to do so (PM, Government or Caribbean Airlines).
Now if the government did not advance the monies where did CA get that kind of money to make the deposit to secure the aircraft? This airline was officially launched a few months ago and does not have that kind of cash available. So where did the money come from? Well a ‘source’ as reported in the newspaper stated, "After Cabinet held its discussions Caribbean Airlines made a deposit towards the acquisition of the aircraft."
These politicians are crafty and given the statement above one can tell that the person was still dodging answering the question that begs being answered, ‘did the government provide the financing?’
Only in sweet TNT folks, have a very pleasant weekend!

Mar 6, 2008



Dey Say,
75 Persons have been murdered in Trinidad to date!

Do you know what your Government is doing about it?

Mar 5, 2008

“Grossly Backward Equipment,”

Dey Say
Well it looks like Frankenstein has stepped out of the movies and has found a home at the mortuary of the Eric Williams Medical Complex. Non functional euipment could only mean that bodies are piling up at the mortuary and with the current rate of murders they may soon run out of room to store the bodies.
Just imagine in this day and age of revolutionary medical practices that the doctors at the Medical Complex are using crude hacksaws to open up the deceased citizens for the post mortem examinations. Why? Lord, have mercy because it is a sin that the maintenance of the equipment is disgracefully inadequate. How in heavens name can both power saws go bad at the same time with no other means to quickly get the equipment repaired? Isn’t the Eric Williams Medical Complex the best on the Island? If that is the case then medical services are in trouble and if this is the way they are treating our deceased relatives then Crapo smoke yuh pipe on entering these facilities.
With so much money being spent on development of infrastructure why can’t we get up to date working equipment? Jerry Narace need to start providing the services that people need and stop trying to score points with the first 30 days report when the essential problems have not been resolved. The San Fernando hospital still needs beds. Point Fortin needs a new hospital and the Eric Williams Medical Complex needs to have its equipment repaired immediately.

So please don't let this happen again - no use or claims of "grossly backward equipment" being used to conduct medical services/procedures.

Mar 4, 2008

'Drowned man Rescued' - Huh?

Only in Trinidad can a ‘drowned man’ be rescued and make the headlines of a national newspaper as such. This story has a happy and a sad side to it - one man survived while one was found dead and a third person is missing.
Jameel Ali, Ramzan Ali (father) and Ishmael Ali (cousin) were swept out to sea while fishing off North Post on Saturday. The body of Ramzan Ali was recovered by the Coast Guard while Ishmael’s body is still missing.
The family of the Ali’s was mourning the loss of their loved ones whom were considered lost to the sea – drowned. So it was a miracle that some of their friends decided to take a boat and go out to look for the missing men. Newsday reported that, “A few friends from the market took a boat and went out to sea. They found him clinging to the rocks.” It was a miracle that they found him and that is where the ‘drowned man’ was rescued.

Miracles do happen sometimes!

Mar 3, 2008

Gingerbread House Family Lacouray

The Boissiere House is the big story in Trinidad because the Heritage Foundation wants it to be labeled a National treasure because of its architecture. The present owner is very pleased and wants upwards of $45M for the property. However, this note is not about the house per say but the origins of the Boissiere family and that is why it is in the Dey Say Blog.
Dey Say that way back in the early part of the 19Th century a French Creole planter, Jean de Boissiere, had an ‘affair’ with one of his slaves, a Zu Zule, and fathered a child who was named Jules Arnold Boissiere. Jules Boissiere was born in 1856. Jules in turn fathered Eliza Boissiere who was a very important person in the history of Trinidad and Tobago … why?
The ‘why’ is very significant because Dey Say has learnt that Eliza Boissiere who later married civil servant Henry Thomas Williams gave birth to two children? The oldest boy was born in 1911 and was named Eric. Yes my friends the very same father of the nation Dr. Eric Eustace Williams.
The Boissiere house was built by Charles Boissiere as a gift for his wife Alice Boissiere. Charles was the third cousin of Dr Eric Williams. So now you can see the connection of the house to the father of the nation, Prime Minister Dr. Eric Williams. Some people want the government to purchase the house because of the history of the family and the connection to the late Dr. Williams. Both Charles and Eric were decedents of the French Creole planter Dean de Boissiere and his African mistress ZuZule.

“What ah ting boi!”

Mar 2, 2008


This work by Elspeth Duncan has been reposted because of its relevance... Please don't ignore it. Watch the video!

Original Post:
To anyone visiting my blog please go to the website link provided in this post and view the video “Invisible” by Elspeth Duncan.

Mar 1, 2008

Was it Fair to call the City Port-of-Shame?

Do you think that it was fair to call the capital city 'Port-of-Shame' because of the killings that recently took place within the last three weeks?
Dey Say that the talk on the streets is that lawlessness is prevalent and the security forces are unable to deal with the current brazen killing machine walking as human beings who calmly walk up to their victims and pull the trigger. These guys have ice flowing in their veins. Port of Spain has police officers and soldiers patrolling the streets yet still this guy was brazen enough to walk up to Marlon Gocking and pull the trigger on a busy street.
Dey Say that the Mayor and PM are living a lie or simply don’t have a clue on the direction to take to correct the lawlessness that has taken hold of the nation. People are murdered almost every day and this is the norm all over the country. So why did they choose to call the city Port of Sham? The mayor of 'Port of Shame' yikes I am sorry Port of Spain has accused the leader of the Opposition as sensationalizing the situation that is taking place in the city and has assured the public that the city is safe. Ahem serious murders are taking place and he considers the city safe.
This reminds me of the radio personalities on WACK radio who like to tease the Trinidadians living overseas about the beauty of the Island (we do know how beautiful the island is btw) and that we are missing so much. Screech, hold on just one minute now, I guess that I read more local newspapers that these guys do because every day there is another murder to report, that was not the case when I resided in Trinidad. The country is beautiful but all civility and moral values have been flushed into the Gulf of Paria. The country needs a bush bath to wash off this blight that is ruing the good name of the city of Port of Spain and the country in general.
I don’t think that it was fair to label the city 'Port-of-Shame' but the point was well made and hopefully will get the attention needed to clean up these recalcitrant law breakers.





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