May 8, 2008

What is your favorite radio station streaming via the WWW from Trinbago?

In your estimation, what is the best radio station streaming service from Trinidad and Tobago via the World Wide Web? Just keep in mind that there are more than thirty stations at home with just about 20 streaming service via the World Wide Web - there is much to choose from with every taste satisfied!
Of course every station caters to a difference audience and some have a mix that just may appeal to your highly sensitive listening preferences. Some may choose a station because of the amount of local content played; others may gravitate to a station because of the topics discussed as is the case with many of the talk radio services provided.
Again others may be drawn to a station because it plays the music of a subculture of our very cosmopolitan society. What ever drives you to listen a station may make it your favorite but that does not mean that a certain station can be deemed the best or the most commercially successful in the Twin Island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago? How can we determine that is very speculative at best.
Just keep in mind that most of the stations streaming their service on the World Wide Web may only have a community license and may not be able to cover the entire Island with their signal. That means that some people may have heard of a particular station at home but may not be able to tune in to the frequency (Trinidad and Tobago). The internet gives these stations an equal base to start - and equal playing field where the advertising revenue has not been a factor to date. As a matter of fact most of the businesses and radio stations (at home) have not figured a way to capitalize on this aspect of programming to date. Some have provided Web sites that sell items but haven't really earned advertising dollars from the programming as it relates to the international community.
This question that is asked here is geared towards people listening to the stations via the World Wide Web. In this case people will listen to the station simply because of the format provided and maybe because they want to hold on to something relating to the homeland – music, news, talk, politics or simply to keep in step with that which is going on at home.

Some people listening via the web live in communities where there are not many Trinidadians to interact with during the course of the day and to come home and listen to a familiar voice or Trini English can be a very relaxing experience. Whatever your reasons are just leave a comment saying which station that you enjoy listening too – just the station and a short note why you love listening to the station.
Support your station – let’s see which is the most listened to station on the World Wide Web streaming service from Trinidad and Tobago.
Oh here are my favorites:
Talkcity 91.1 FM (Great Talk, Community information, Tips for living, local music)

Wack 90.1 FM (Soca, Calypso and other local music genres)

Masala 101.1 FM (Chutney, Soca, World Beat)

May 2, 2008

Mas in May - All Roads lead to Point Fortin!

Last night the Point Fortin Borough celebrations (28th. year as a Borough) continued with the presentation of a host of calypsonians who entertained the people past midnight - it was like Dimanche Gras night. It felt like the run up to Carnival with Talk City 91.1 FM and Wack 90.1 FM streaming the show 'live' (as it happens) via the World Wide Web.

Carnival out of season is the really what this celebration has morphed into. In a sense it has taken a life of its own and seems to be getting bigger and better ever year. Now don’t expect to go to Point Fortin and expect to see Carnival Tuesday on display – eh eh, it is not like that. Instead you will see Carnival in it raw and unfettered form. We are talking about a J’ouvert style of Carnival with mud mass, revelry, pan on the road, rhythm sections (can you handle ah good hub?), and people like ants simply ‘liming and having ah time’.

Now noting that I mentioned that it is Carnival in its purest form this does not mean that there isn’t a major financial boom that obviously plays into the scenario. Yes it is also becoming a money generator. Band are forming with a simple colorful tee shirt with the name of the sponsor of the ban on it and some ‘war paint’ and short shorts for the girls ranging in prices upwards TT$300.00 – I guess it is the price of progress and it you want to brag that you played with so and so then you have to fork out some dollars for the memories. The Borough has organized many shows and there are even boat rides (more like fete rides) to capitalize on festive nature Trinis at play. The food vendors will also get an opportunity to earn some extra dollars during the celebrations. It would be interesting to get the report on the amount of extra money that is pumped into the Borough because of this Mini Carnival that is disguised as a celebration of the Borough becoming a Borough.

People living overseas have made plans to travel to Trinidad for the celebration months in advance. Many are at home already. Many whom were unable to attend the National Carnival celebrations earlier this year now feel like their Carnival vibe is fulfilled with the continuing celebration bringing the same feel of the National celebration.

Yes, indeed it is bacchanal this weekend with people pressure mad, mad, and mad; pressure and pleasure in musical madness and ecstasy in dance on the streets of Point Fortin. If you are unable to attend the festivities at least one can follow the festivities on Talk City and WACK radio. Log on to one of the streams and delve into the madness. Wack radio is presenting a J’ouvert ‘band’ that would be the place that most of the Shout Box (lacouray chat on the website) visitors would be parading and getting on bad to the music provided by the station’s DJ’s.

Yes, once again, it is celebration time and all roads lead to Point – Point Fortin to be exact. So make it a point to get to Point this weekend because it is Mass is May – 'dis is madness oui boi!'





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