Mar 29, 2009

Captain the ship is sinking

The UNC never seems to want to get out of its own way and is forever condemned to survive in opposition because of their silly leadership quarrels constantly taking place.
Now the trouble in the UNC is good news for the PNM and their continual survival that is created because of the foolishness of educated fools who believe that they all know that which is best for the party. Do I believe that Basdeo Panday has outlived his importance as leader of the UNC? Yes I do believe that it is time for him to step down as leader of the party. However, after watching the events that have been taking place recently I really don’t know, in typical Trini style, “who dey go put as leader”. No one has cleansed themselves and moved above all the 'commess' that is taking place within the party. Gypsy, Ramesh and Jack seem to want to take the party in a different direction. Do you believe that these men are genuine? I am very skeptical but I also feel the same way about Basdeo Panday.
Now if you believe that the only hope to unseating the PNM lies in the unification of the opposition forces under one umbrella with one leader (not a caucus of leaders) then you may be on the path to something that could make sense and just might work. However, this may be just a dream of many that will be soundly defeated by the minority group of persons who have the finances to influence the major players backing the political aspirants. Only time will tell but it is difficult at this time because the Silver Fox who has served the party and the Labor movement for so many years still has a grip on the rural communities that is primarily the lifeblood of the party.
These men have to be without reproach and place themselves above all the chaos and realize that it is time for most of them to move on but Caribbean politics is more in line with “politricking” and they are extremely good at fooling the masses. Someone has to influence Basdeo Panday to step down from the leadership position but stay in the party to keep that loyal base in play. Next they need to decide on the main players and select the best person to lead the party. That is the trick to winning the election – to get a face and voice that people will believe in and vote for without hesitation; and coupled with a sound agenda that will resourcefully spend the finances of the country to better the circumstances of the population.
Can it be done? Of course it can be accomplished but lawyers and big shots playing politicians need to put aside their egos and think about the good of the people. These so called leaders must remember that public servants and anyone involved in government are there to serve the needs of the people. The problem is most of these men are in it for chest thumping and self accomplishments.
In the end the people will suffer because most people are like sheep and choose to follow instead of thinking for themselves that which is best for their family and their community. When this happens then maybe they will find the right person with character and virtue fitting to be called leader of the party. Until then Gypsy will have to keep singing that, “Captain the ship is sinking”.


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