Jul 21, 2009

Political Comess

On a serious note does anyone out there believe that complaining Trinidadians will ever put another political party in power?

The PNM won the last general elections but the combined votes of the two competing political entities showed that the greater percentage of the population were dissatisfied with the modus operandi of PM Manning and his band of merrymakers.

Do you believe that the feuding opposing forces can ever pool their resources to go mano ah mano with the ruling party? Sheeesh... Everyone wants to lead... maybe that is the problem.

I participate in a chat-box called the Shout-box on the WACK radio TV page and the trend there is to complain about the problems at home but almost everyone participating in the chat don't want to remove the ruling party. There are so many excuses but in the end they choose to blame everyone else except the ruling party. "How dey go do dat? They cyar do dat!"

Some of the people simply don’t want to change the ruling party for various reasons but they usually come to the conclusion that a change is not worth it with the typical and boring line creating a stench that is nauseating at times: “Who we go put?” Or maybe for some it is a case of race because as everyone is aware (but don’t like to admit) that the PNM is pro African and the UNC is pro East Indian – so much for National Unity.

Ahh, but then there is the COP (a reincarnation of the NAR?) that is pooling resources from all ethnicities. However, there is still a big problem – Dookeran. First he was a member of the UNC and secondly he is of East Indian decent. Yikes – you say race is an issue in this blessed land (sorry seems like it is cursed with the crime rate spiraling out of control – maybe new governance is needed?); not me, I did not come up with that it is a fact of life and only people wearing blinders won’t admit that it is indeed a fact.

So where do we go from here. I say back to the polls with hope for change. Oh my… but then again it has been four years since the last local government elections… need I say more. Trini has been fooled or is being fooled by the 'Politrickians' not Politicians.

What do you think?






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