Nov 15, 2009

Patos is the Man - Take Dat

The original design of the National Carnival and Entertainment Centre (NCEC). In April 2007 Prime Minister Patrick Manning said, construction of the proposed centre came to a halt because the design was being reviewed.
What can I say other than Prime Minister Patrick Manning is having fun manipulating the populace as he dips into the treasury for the many land marks that his government is erecting around the country. Well the only problem is that Point Fortin's Hospital still can't seem to get off the ground.  Recently the PM, during one of his walk about pre-election posturing, let the fete promoters know that the government will not be handing over any of the sporting facilities for any fete promotion or Cultural endeavors aka Power Soca and Groovy Soca competitions. This was said after the government had turned down the Promoters regarding the leasing of land to erect facilities with private funds to host these shows.   The promoters hit back with basically you told us not to build because the government is building facilities that could be used for this purpose (for a price of course). The response from the government - quiet, nothing nada!
Then like a Knight in shining armor and armed with the press at his side enters Patos who held a press conference "last night  at the newly- commissioned National Academy for the Performing Arts, to announce that the 15,000-capacity Queen’s Park Savannah Carnival Centre is the next project on the government’s development agenda. Mr. Manning emphasized that his announcement was aimed at silencing “detractors.”  Italics - .  .
Talk about Politricks and the games that our PM is playing with our brains!  All the PM needed to do was simply apologize for the delay in the completion of the Savannah structure and inform the public that as soon as he pumps a few millions of barrels of oil from the ocean the complex will be completed with the help of the Chinese.   Then in the same breath announce that the government will provide facilities to the promoters for the upcoming bacchanalia season.
This man has seen it fit to add a performing arts center in the PM's residence but put a stop due to "design problems" for this very important complex.   Now don't get me wrong when I say important when we need hospitals and hospital beds around the nation.  This structure has already cost the tax payers millions of dollars and it is incomplete and an eyesore in the Savannah that was handed over to the government for public use (I don't think they were supposed to erect any permanent structure on the land).
Even if we argue that the government has its priorities all wrong one must admit that this facility (not structure eh) is needed.  You can complain all you want because the bottom line is this government is not asking anyone for permission to do what it considers to be part of its 20/20 vision plans. Yuh could fret and steups all yuh want Patos is the man for now and what Patos says is religion!






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