Dec 29, 2009

10,000 New Persons Join The UNC?

An estimated 10,000 new persons from across the 41 constituencies have applied for membership in the Opposition UNC, membership committee chairman Kelvin Ramnath disclosed yesterday.,113293.html

I don't know about you guys but I am skeptical about those numbers - 10,000 new persons joining the UNC just prior to internal elections?  This is strange since so many have expressed their dismay with the direction had gone in recent months. There is continual fighting in the party and let's face it the base of the UNC has been set for years now so where have all these new members been and what has prompted them to register at this time?
Well one can assume that people want change and they have registered to let their voices be heard in the upcoming internal UNC elections scheduled for Jan 24, 2009.  On the other hand one can assume that something is brewing and somebody's hand is adding ingredients to the pot to skew the results of the upcoming elections.
The old guard of Panday and company will not unite with Dookeran's COP and that, my friends is the only hope of removing the PNM from power.  Just remember that the PNM won the elections but lost the popular vote - keep that in mind when you vote on January 24, 2010!

Dec 23, 2009

The Penalty is Wrong!

I am very upset about this!
I recently read a story about a 13 year old girl who was sentenced to three years' incarceration at a home for juvenile delinquents for the "theft of her aunt’s jewelry". The problem is the report stated that the girl took the jewelry to go and lime with her friends (to lime is to hang out in Trinidad) . The report did not say that the girl took the jewelry to sell it or if any of the jewelry was lost or sold.
Now I understand what the child did was wrong but is the punishment fitting for the "crime"? This same report was broadcast on one of the radio stations from southern Trinidad. In that report there was also a story of a man who stole items from a supermarket. The sentence from the court for the theft was a fine of TT$50.00 for stealing from the supermarket. Now tell me how do you compare these offences where a child stole or 'borrowed items' from a family member and was put away for three years and an adult who stole from a business establishment and only fined TT$50.00 for the offence?
"The Law is an Ass and in this case a dumb Ass!"
Now when most children are in high school preparing for their CXC examination this child is now a ward of the state! How does this help this child to develop into a worthy citizen? This child now has a record that will be an impediment to her future work related activities. What in heaven’s name is going on in Trinidad? This child and parents should have been directed to the relevant social services for help.
This child needs help not incarceration!
Forget 20/20 vision that has nothing to do with the social development of the society but only has to do with making Port-of-Spain resemble one of the smaller US cities. This is a shame and the public should not allow this to happen. The adult who stole and only fined got the deal of his life while the child's life and future aspiration got dumped in the wasteland of the Governments wishy washy juvenile system that simply does not help these young people - it is just a place to lock away 'so called delinquents' - in other words simply a jail for children!





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