Feb 17, 2010

Panday to form his own party

What kind of nonsense is this? The link above indicates that it is a possibility that Basdeo Panday and his supporters are in the process of forming a new political party that would keep him unchallenged as the leader of the opposition in Parliament.
I do understand the process but this is the same man who indicated that he would abide by the results of UNC's internal elections (of course this was said with the belief that he was going to win). This entire process should be very interesting but Mr. Panday should do the honorable thing and step aside.
Mr. Panday will ruin all that he has done politically if he chooses to follow this path simply to hold on to the position of Opposition leader in Parliament. If he achieves this goal then politics will be a mess and the PNM will be back in control. A divided house is doomed to fail!






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