Feb 9, 2010

WACKy Tuesday Is Here!

This is it! No this is not Michael Jackson's revival taking place today but the day for all the WACKy enthusiasts to sit back, relax and see their favorite Wack radio personalities come out and play. No not play music but endeavor to be 'calypso-like' singers.
This is the fourth year of this show/competition and one thing holds true - to date there has only been one champion and that is "The Mighty Chicken Foot Souce". Oh, and if you have been living in a vacuum, we are talking about, on air personality and entertainer extoraodinaire Damion Melville. Do you believe that he can pull it off again? Well we will have the answer later today.
Something to look for today - will Deso (Desmond) really sing? Deso has boasted that he will take the crown this year but I am going with a 'dark horse' for the competition tonight. I have this feeling that Heshimu will pull it off tonight if he is serious and does not come simply to have fun - he is that talented. 
The CEO will be beaten by Deso unless he sabotages the music. I understand that the manager of the station would be singing tonight - Lady JS now has competition for her place in the final outcome tonight. 
All I can say is log in to the feed at www.wackradio901fm.com and watch the show. Oh and yes, prepare yourself for many surprises.






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