May 20, 2010

Just Think About This

On Monday May 24, 2010 the people of  Trinidad and Tobago will go to the polls to select a new government. The PNM have had their opportunity and both the People's Partnership and the NNV desire to get in office. I believe that any party that has the interests of the people as the first priority should get an opportunity to sit in Parliament to run the affairs of the country.
Now if you believe that the PNM put the people's interest first then vote them back into office. If not then they don't deserve your vote - forget about party loyalty. 
If you believe that the People's Partnership and the NNV mean business and will put people first then give them an opportunity to run the country.
It is that simple. Yes it is because PATRIOTS are not only found in the PNM they exist in the People's Partnership and the NNV. We need true PATRIOTS now! 
Make you educated vote count!






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