May 30, 2010

The People Plotted to Remove the PNM|Not PNM Party Insiders

A plot was allegedly set up within the People’s National Movement (PNM) to ensure that former Prime Minister Patrick Manning was defeated in the 2010 general election and forcibly removed as political leader. Sunday Guardian has learnt that the plot was hatched in the bowels of the party, and orchestrated by several key high-ranking members and ground troops who purported to canvass for the PNM during the election campaign. The bold attempt to overthrow the former prime minister was conducted in PNM vehicles that were expected to transport supporters to and fro. However, Sunday Guardian, interviewing people on the grounds in certain constituencies, learnt that several party members, clad in blue T-shirts on election day, undermined the party, and instead transported supporters to vote for the People’s Partnership.

Hold on now, the PNM lost because of a plot from within the party to undermine former Prime Minister Patrick Manning? Yeah right, I guess I should believe that pigs really can fly!

The bottom line is this, the PNM and when I say the PNM I also include the supporters of the party became so arrogant that the stench of this very said arrogance was nauseating to say the least - arrogance was the cause for the demise of the PNM! The Ministers, the Prime Minister and the PNM 'till ah dead' followers were blinded by this arrogance and their 20/20 vision.

Even with the fiasco of UDECOTT and the church in Heights of Guanapo staring them head on they chose to put on blinders and talk about tertiary education while ignoring the corruption that brought us to this point in the first place.

They paid the price for this folly for all of their foolishness. This indeed, is like beating a dead horse into submission. Maybe it is time to end the talk with the new government in place and with such a positive introduction to governance that looks like it will be centered on serving the people.

This so called plot really took place but not from withing the PNM but it took place in every community (well almost every community) as shown in the result of the election. They voted the PNM out of office. They were fedup but those who claimed they were fed up simply wore red tee shirts that said, "We vex but we voting PNM". They never spoke out or spoke up against their Prime Minister except Dr. Keith Rowley. Even the rejected candidates like Penelope Beckles of Arima supported her Prime Minister when she was the best person for the party in Arima.

The plot to unseat he PNM happened not in the PNM but in the bowels of the distressed communities and in the bosoms of the women who saw their families suffering under the management of the PNM. 

The People have spoken and the PNM have been sent to opposition benches as punishment for their arrogance. We now look forward to improved living conditions for every one... failure is not an option.






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