May 12, 2010

PNM Forever!

"Hello, like yuh playing like yuh doh know or what - PNM done win de election and May 24 still 12 days away."
That was my good friend Dey Say of Dem Say fame and trust me if you were listening to WACK Radio 901fm today one could have only concluded that with the calls coming in that it was May 25, 2010 and the PNM had won the general elections already. 
The callers were euphoric and celebratory already as Damion Melville gave callers the opportunity to call in and say who they will vote for and why. Not one call came in for the People's Partnership and the PNM forever flood of calls kept coming in to the station. 
This station is unlike Trini Bashment radio where the calls and callers border on absolute hatred for one another - not so on WACK. Damion will never allow that - we all must understand that we can agree to disagree in a very civil manner. At times it bordered on comedy as the callers seem to be having fun even singing "Manning going back" and that was not a paid advertisement, OK.
None of the issues matter at this time and it is a case of us against them. The "us" being the PNM and "them" the People's Partnership. It does not matter that this present administration that was given a mandate to run the country for five years collapsed after two short years in office. They (PNM) are back with the slogan "We Ready Now". I guess the first two years were simply a trial run. Now we have elections and the people are once again blinded by the slick politricking of these failed politicians. PNM till I die, we know what we have and we don't know what we will get. 
Now is that correct? We know we don't have water, we don't have beds in the hospital and we do have crime and criminals going unpunished. We like it so - Vote PNM for more of the same!


Anti-Everything on May 17, 2010 at 4:21 PM said...

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