May 19, 2010

PNM Must Go!

THE NEXT Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago will not be sworn in by President George Maxwell Richards at President’s House, St Ann’s as, almost ten years after the building was first condemned as structurally unsound by the Ministry of Works and Transport, Minister of Works Colm Imbert yesterday advised Richards to vacate his staff from the building “with immediate effect” after a portion of the roof collapsed on Saturday.

Ridiculous! I believe in giving people chances, I really do. Now don't get me wrong and I won't pretend to be a fan of the PNM - I never was a fan. This fiasco of the collapse of the President's house has hardened my resolve and I am absolutely convinced now that the PNM must go!

I have supported NJAC and voted for the ONR and NAR but never for the UNC. Having said that I can also say that the PNM have done good for the country but at the same time I believe that they now take the people and country for granted. They are simply doing as they think is best but which turns out may not be the best thing for the country.

Now to the linked post above regarding the collapsed house of the President of the nation - ridiculous and a crying shame. I can't believe that this structure was condemned more than 10 years ago as being structurally unsound and nothing has been done with all the monies that have come into and left the treasury.

This is scandalous if you ask me and to think that we are now reading in the newspapers that the Prime Minister may be linked to the church being constructed in the Height of Guanapo at a cost of $30 Million dollars. To make it worse it appears that it was included in the plans for the Prime Minister's residence as an anex - gosh this is too much and the President was living in a condemned building. 

Now you can see why I believe that the ruling PNM is doing as they please without the country's interest at "Hart" sorry I meant heart. 

Now we hear that UDeCOTT will start work regarding repairs to this historic landmark. Colm Imbert should be ashamed that after his ministry condemned this structure that nothing was done to make it safe - the President, his family and guests could have lost their lives. 

Now you will understand why I can't support the PNM and their drive to get back in office. The Prime Minister is now attempting to lay blame for the church in the Heights of Guanapo at the feet of Calder Hart - really? After all has been said and done, People are convinced that Great is the PNM, Great is the PNM and they will Prevail!

Today I declare that I am one like Selwyn Ryan and even though I never supported the PNM I consider myself a born again believer and wish the People's Partnership success in this general elections. Give other patriotic Trinbagonians an opportunity to develop the society, the economy and if it works then they will get another opportunity to continue. If they fail then we vote them out of office just as I want to see the PNM voted out of office on May 24, 2010.






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