Jun 19, 2010

Cashew Gardens Longendenville|Land Grab Homes Demolished

A contingent of heavily armed police and soldiers and members of Smart Security Services moved in today on home dwellers who recently constructed illegal houses on state lands, in Cashew Gardens, Longdenville. According to Hamid Mohammed, Operations Manager of Smart Security and a Justice of the Peace, the demolition exercise was approved by the Land Settlement Agency. Many home owners were distraught, including this young mother.
via www.trinidadexpress.com

As painful as the video was to look at (use link above to see video) and as distressing as the situation was one has to understand that no government can permit its citizens to simply move into state lands and set up shop/build a home without getting the requisite permission to build. 

These 'homes' that were demolished were part of the recent land grab that took place after the People's Partnership took office. The same situation existed when the NAR won in 1986. These 'victims' broke the law and I am certain that they were quite aware of this fact. 

The unfortunate thing is the distress that results from the actions of these citizens. Obviously the armed personnel were very compassionate in carrying out their orders as instructed by those responsible for the land. 
In the end we must not turn a blind eye to this phenomenon - squatting on state lands is illegal. The land grab that took place is illegal. These people broke the law!

We need to take care of our citizens but at the same time our citizens must also respect the laws of the land. This government will attempt to right the ship but at the same time we need to be cognizant that the State cannot provide homes for all the citizens.  

My heart goes out to the lady in this video and I am certain that she may be the recipient of some form of help from other citizens of the country. In the end let it be said here that the government did the right thing by demolishing these 'homes'.  We need to be humane but the laws of the land need to be upheld and respected by all. 






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