Jun 6, 2010

"Faced with some deep challenges"|Treasury is Empty folks!

One week after assuming the role of Finance Minister, Winston Dookeran says he’s faced with some deep challenges. Questioned about the state of the economy, Dookeran replied, “All I can say is that I am faced with some deep challenges. Over the next week or so I will liaise with the press.” Dookeran also stated that all the election promises made by the People’s Partnership “may be delivered on a phased introduction.” Dookeran was speaking in Caura following the planting of a croton tree to celebrate World Environmental Day yesterday. On the hustings Dookeran had said the T&T’s economy was strong but remains uncertain. Eight days after taking up office, Dookeran said he still supported this view “because the trends in the economy are not in the right direction.”
via http://guardian.co.tt/

If anyone out there need Mr. Dookeran to address the press in a few weeks to let us know the state of the nation's piggy bank then crapaud smoke all yuh pipe oui!
That statement including the phrase "faced with some deep challenges" in my view means that we don't have the necessary finance for projects that most people believe that we do possess. In other words we were duped by the PNM into thinking that everything was copacetic and that we were on the road to National recovery. What a farce and the fact that Mr. Manning called general elections could have been seen as a sign that all was not well with the finances of the country. We are in for difficult times and only the shrew thinking of the this new government will see us through these difficult times. Let's home that the team set up to look for new ways to generate income for the country can guide us through this difficult period. Keep searching Mr. Dookeran because we know that you can do it.






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