Jun 28, 2010

Hazel Manning Strikes Out|No Moral Authority

Local Government Minister Chandresh Sharma has dismissed his predecessor in the post, Hazel Manning’s complaints that the People’s Partnership Administration is calling the long-overdue Local Government election on July 26 without the reforms planned by the PNM being put in place. Sharma yesterday said it was “morally and illegally wrong” for the former PNM Government to have shelved the Local Government election each year since July 2006.

Sharma responds:
“That is what she should be commenting on,” Sharma slammed. “Local Government reform has nothing to do with delivery of essential goods and services, it has nothing to do with recreation grounds or burial grounds. “It was a massive failure by the Minister not to hold the election. She has no authority whatsoever to comment on our decision,” said Sharma. Nomination day for the election is July 5.

Sometimes it is best simply to keep your mouth shut. After creating a stir in Arima by saying that before the PNM Arima was bush now comes her clamor for Local Government reform. This woman takes the prize because after all the years of PNM leadership we all know that nothing was done. As a matter of fact what the PNM succeeded in doing was lay the foundation for inept councilors to remain in office for four yeas in excess of their required term because no elections were called - what a shame!






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