Jun 8, 2010

Heights of Guanapo Church Probe Begins!

Let the investigations proceed and let every top sit on its own bottom.
This was the position taken yesterday by Opposition Leader, Dr Keith Rowley, on the new revelations made by architect Stephen Mendes confirming that former prime minister Patrick Manning was personally involved in the designs and development of the church at the Heights of Guanapo, Arima.
Noting that the current Government has announced that an investigation has been commissioned into the issue, Rowley said: ’As far as I am concerned that is how the matter should be dealt with. Clearly, there are questions there to be answered and clarifications to be sought. And to the extent that information has been made public recently about the position of persons who claim to have knowledge of how the project came into being and was being managed, and the involvement of UDeCOTT and other personnel, the investigatory route is the way to go.’
Noting that the issue had been the subject of discussion in Parliament, during the election campaign, and was therefore a matter of ’great public interest’, Rowley said the possible involvement of a State enterprise and a senior public official in it, ’confirms that it needs to be examined and the only way to treat with these things is through proper process’.
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Somewhere in the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago someone or some people are having sleepless nights knowing that the probe into corruption regarding the construction of the church in the Height of Guanapo has begun. To date no one has stepped forward claiming ownership of the church - isn't that amazing?
Millions of dollars invested in  a place of worship and no one has claimed the church. As a matter of fact I don't think that those in authority know who the owner of the church is or they have chosen not to reveal this information.
This is where the press is asleep - they should have already revealed this information. I don't understand how no one has tried to interview the contractors to ascertain who hired them and who is financing the project. Someone has to be paying the people for the work done on the site - this is a $30 Million project.
Now we hear that the leader of the opposition, Dr. Keith Rowley, is all for the investigation and that those involved corruptly in the project will have to face the music and accept the consequences of their ill conceived purchase of a ticket to the gates guarded by St. Peter. Only time will tell and we will be on hand when the final verdict is read and the guilty participants are welcomed to the Royal Jail in Port of Spain.






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