Jun 27, 2010

Local Elections|Change is on the way!

“This is one of the many things the PP has to correct. The PNM has made a proper mess of San Fernando. The present council is the worst we have seen in the history of San Fernando,” Moonan asserted. He said many of the councillors who were Cepep contractors “have no interest in representing people.

They have an interest in representing themselves and exploiting those same people they employ.” He said the People’s Partnership Government should take the opportunity now to clean up the mess by deepening and strengthening the link between Local and Central Government. Moonan said San Fernando could only benefit from his experience.

I am quite aware that any aspiring candidate vying for political office will always criticize the previous administration as incompetent and even  "the worst we have seen in the history of San Fernando" however, I was surprised to learn that many of the councilors were Cepep contractors! 

This does not feel right and for some reason it looks even worse that they were members of a previously elected PNM council that remained in office for an additional four years while the political process was stifled by the very PNM government. This is one reason I am gratified that we are having local government elections.

If the people want back these ex contractors in the council then let it be done by way of the democratic process. These people remained in office because of so called local government reform that did not take place for the past four years leaving them in office for over six years - this was just wrong!

I already have my popcorn ready for the election results because I don't believe that these incumbents will be returning to office and to be honest I won't shed a tear - good riddance, it should be a swift exercise as we excise those who stifled the system to their benefit.   

The needs of the people should always be first not the needs of those in politics for their selfish gains... go and vote and vote in a new council that supports the interests of the people - follow the lead of the People's Partnership!






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