Jun 20, 2010

Local Government Elections|PNM Cutarse is signed sealed and will be delivered

It does not matter that the likes of former Leader of Government Business Kenneth Valley has already indicated an interest in coming out of his semi retirement from politics to help the PNM fight the upcoming Local Government elections - "dat cutarse is booked".  I say this to all who still support the PNM and I am very upset after reading the newspapers recently. 

We learned that the ex PM, Mr. Manning, had mostly foreigners employed at the residence of the Prime Minister including Nigerian security guards.

We also learned that to date no one had come forward to claim ownership of the Heights of Guanapo Church - "ah wonder why?"

We also learned of the corruption that took place at TTEC and the inaction of the government to take action to correct the wrong doing taking place. It is rumored that very important people connected to the highest office of the land was involved and profited from the contracts that were awarded. 

We have seen that homes were constructed on land that is shifting making the home unstable and unfit for habitation without an injection of millions of dollars to correct the problems - there was no oversight of these projects.

Now we have Rowley complaining about ethics regarding Jack Warner. Just remember he never complained about ethics when ex PM Manning named his wife as a Minister in government. There is so much to be upset about and these people are going to put on their red tee shirts and shout "great is the PNM, great is the PNM and they shall survive?" They should be ashamed to support such a corrupt regime. 

I know that there are many PNM councilors whom are nervous and are making plans for another role in the society. The mighty People's Partnership should be able to wrest control of many of these corporations now in the hands of the PNM. The defeat should be swift and done with precision - get rid of them all. I have said that there are patriots in other parties and it is time that the repeat offenders who are not performing to be replaced by a new group willing to do the people's work.

Root out the PNM, do it sooner than later - "not a damn seat for dem!"






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