Jun 4, 2010

Open up the PBR|Minister Warner attempts to move traffic in the right direction

WORKS and Transport Minister Jack Warner will today approach the Cabinet led by Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar for approval of the opening up of the Priority Bus Route (PBR) to the general public, Monday to Friday, on a three-month trial basis.
via www.newsday.co.tt

I was concerned about opening up the PBR for use by the general public thereby defeating the purpose of the "priority status" for buses. No one wants the buses to be stuck in traffic when these vehicles could have easy access to the City of Port of Spain. Citizens have come to depend on the free flow of traffic on the PBR and reaching to work on time because of the priority access given to these buses. 

If the route is flooded with Maxi taxis and private vehicle then we will be back to an unacceptable situation that will simply frustrate thousands of citizens. 

It is hoped, as the article states, that access will be given to certain peak periods and only to high occupancy vehicles. I believe that this can work but at the same time many persons will "take a chance" and break the law by using the route without regard to the 'law'. 

Enforcement of the new rules will become an issue and could, at the same time, generate income if those "who take a chance" are caught and penalized (trust me, they will break the law).

There is a chance that this could work but at the same time it can become a major failure. At least they are making an attempt to alleviate the traffic issues and for that we have to give credit. 

Many government agencies need to be decentralized and moved out of Port of Spain to help move the flow of people away from Port of Spain. 

The Minister of Works and Transport is on the job and we need to give him our support. He has ideas and is willing to take chances to make the changes that are long overdue. I support his endeavors and wish him well. 






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