Jun 22, 2010

Run for Cover|Enil Resigns as PNM Party Chairman

In accepting responsibility for the defeat of the People’s National Movement (PNM) at the May 24 general election, the party’s chairman, Conrad Enill, and general secretary, Martin Joseph, have resigned.

Enill made the announcement at a press conference following a special PNM general council meeting at Balisier House, Port of Spain, yesterday. He read the resignation letters from himself and Joseph.

As you aware, the party was unsuccessful at the May 24 general election and as the chairman and national campaign manager responsible for co-ordinating our efforts to ensure success at the general election, I take responsibility for the results. As a consequence, I hereby tender my resignation as chairman of the party effective June 28, 2010,’ Enill read.

He said the move was to ensure the PNM is rebranded to win back the electorate at the Local Government election on July 26.

I don't believe Enill is speaking the truth. Maybe he is but it surely feels like he is running form the cutarse that is coming on July 26 when the population goes back to the poll for local government elections.

I have a good feeling that this is simply not a move to give the party the room it needs for Dr. Rowley to put his people in place for the re-branding of the PNM. This is just a case of waking up and smelling the coffee. Time to distance your reputation from the defeat that is coming and letting it bear down on Dr. Rowley's watch.

As I said this should be an interesting time for the PNM and it is my desire to see them lose control of the 9 corporations now under their control. I am aware that there are many scared pnm councilors out there but they were supposed to be there for two years and are not entrenched in the system because the PNM refused to have elections since 2003. These elections are due every two years.

Both Enil and Martin Joseph (general secretary) are running scared but should do the right thing and stand firm with the party that they love so much. Great is the PNM hold on now, Great was the PNM and they shall not prevail for this Local government election campaign.






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