Jun 11, 2010

What...Laptops cause children to become thieves, peverts and morons?

Laptop computers are very dangerous devices. Give children a laptop, and they stand a good chance of becoming thieves, perverts, and morons. And, while this may qualify them for a successful career as a politician or priest or pundit, I think we should encourage our young people to be more ambitious.
Now you may be surprised to know that laptops are so pernicious. I certainly was, and I thought I was fairly well-read in pedagogy. But, since the People’s Partnership confirmed two weeks ago that they would be fulfilling their campaign promise to give every child entering secondary school a laptop, academics such as UWI computer lecturer Noel Kalicharan and School of Education lecturer Rawatee Maharaj-Sharma, as well as letter-writer Pastor Allan Furlonge and others, have issued dire warnings against this plan.
via www.trinidadexpress.com

Oh my goodness gracious me. After reading the article in the Trinidad Express I was lost for words. Now the laptop program of the People's Partnership is going to create morons? What in heavens name are these so called educated people thinking?
The laptop program is use here in NYC with great success (my son is a recipient of one of those laptops). Don't these people know that there are programs that can be installed in the computers to ensure that certain sites cannot be accessed? The computers are monitored. How do I know that? Well recently many of the laptops given to the children at my son's school were 'taken back' from several students because they were not using the laptops to get their work done as it was intended. They lost their privilege of having a laptop to their work.
The program works like this, the kids are given the laptops to do their home work and to do research for class projects. There are rules to be followed regarding the use of the laptops. The one major point to note is that if the children achieve a 4.0 average they get to keep the laptop.
Yes the incentive to keep the laptop is based on performance. Children who have the ability to de well but lack the incentive to work hard will have the incentive of laptop ownership if they achieve the grades that the school sets for ownership.
All the fears of these educated professional can be avoided with proper planning and implimentation of the laptop program - just don't hand the children the laptops without making them work for it.
The program is a good one and can work if implimented properly.






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