Jul 11, 2010

$1 billion 'Scandal'|Trinidad Guardian

The Broadgate Place project is a 26-storey building opposite City Gate Transport Hub in Port-of-Spain, specifically located at Nos 3 and 5 Henry Street, 6, 8 and 10 Broadway and 56, 58 and 60 South Quay, Port-of-Spain. It is designed to comprise a 26-storey office tower consisting of two floors of retail stores including a food court, two floors of parking and 22 floors of office space, with the fifth to 26th floor being leased to the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago (GORTT).

The project is being executed by the Broadgate Place Property Company Ltd (BPPCL), a subsidiary of the Transcorp Development Company Ltd (TDCL). The Design/Build Contractors are the Bouygues Batiment Trinidad and Tobago Ltd (BBTTCC) and Project Managers', Turner Alpha Ltd. The project was expected to start in early 2010 and shall be completed over a period of 36 months, with a projected handover date in December 2012 for occupation of the same.

Absolutely scandalous! That is all that can be said about this Broadgate issue. So what is new? Absolutely nothing and once again we see the ineptitude and scandalous behavior of the previous administration (PNM) coming to light.

Why would any government invest over 1 billion dollars in a project and now own the rights to the money invested? Apparently there is nothing in place to protect the investment of the people's money invested thus far in the construction of this project. Does any of this make sense? Absolutely not and the previous administration should be made to account for this development and the spending of the government's purse.

Article after article appear in the daily newspapers showing problem after problem with the dealings of the previous administration. We have Mr. Warner speaking about sweet deals where millions are paid monthly to friends of an expelled political party for property rentals. We have UDecOTT in debt to the tune of billions of dollars and also government agencies owing UDeCOTT tons of money for projects done (all under the former administration). I do hope that these revelations do not go unpunished. Thousands of Trinbagoinians have already been punished because of lack of services with billions being spent on other projects including CHOGM.

Now they have retooled and are back for the local elections? I am upset and vex as any Trini would say. This is my wish - "Not ah damn seat for dem".






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