Jul 4, 2010

31 ticketed first day of bus route experiment|Trinidad Express

On Thursday, quite a number of people who were spoken to by the police claimed they were only told that anyone could now use the PBR. They said they were not aware of all of the rules governing its use at this time.

Tinidadians simply like to break the law and then plead ignorance when caught. Do you believe these people, 31 of whom were ticketed for breaking the law regarding the use of the Priority Bus Route during this trial run? I don't and they should be held accountable for their actions. The tickets were issued and should not be pardoned.

I live in the US and I was quite aware of the rules issued for the use of the PBR during certain hours of the day from Monday to Friday on a trial basis for the next three months. The HOV rules put in place strickly stated that there must be three or more persons in the vehicle including the driver. They also stated that if you 'drop off' a passenger and the occupancy of the vehicle fall below the allotment of three then the vehicle should exit the PBR - simple and well advertised.

The plain and simple explanation is that Trinis know but prefer to try and bend the rules and then plead, "but ah didn't know!" That ignorance and arrogance to an extent should not be tolerated - time for change and let it begin with those ticketed.






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