Jul 28, 2010

Absent PNM MPs affected Diego results|Trinidad Express Newspapers

Diego Martin was the only region which saw a reversal from what transpired in the General Election two months ago.

While the People's National Movement (PNM) held on to corporations which corresponded to constituencies it won in the General Election—ie Point Fortin, Port of Spain and San Juan/Laventille corporation, the PNM lost Diego Martin by seven/three to the People's Partnership where it currently has three sitting MPs.

Significantly two of the three MPs, Diego Martin North East MP and former Works Minister Colm Imbert who was also an aspirant to the PNM political leadership and Amery Browne were absent from the local government election campaign.

This is very interesting to learn that Colm Imbert and Dr. Amery Browne did not assist with the local government election battle in their districts. Does this say something about the unity in the party? This, obviously, is something that needs to be addressed internally by the party. I am certain that Dr. Rowley is not pleased and will have something to say to these gentlemen.

In a time that that has seen this once glorious party recede as the force of the Peoples Partnership expands a key element for the withering of the PP force would have been unity in the ranks of the PNM. Apparently it was not a case of all hands on deck and there appears to be a faction within the party who just might not be in favor of Dr. Rowley as leader of the PNM. Having said that there is no excuse for not lending their support for the candidates who contested the local elections especially in their districts.

The loss of Diego Martin falls squarely on the shoulders of these representatives who abandoned the SS PNM. What a disappointment for this once glorious party. In time to come Dr. Rowley will have to deal with these members who claim to be PNM 2DBone. Until then the party will continue to flounder on the political seas of despair.






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