Jul 19, 2010

COP candidate cleans up Arima borough|Newsday

CONGRESS of the People candidate for Arima Central, Clinton Jennings, last week embarked on a massive clean-up drive in the Arima Borough.

Along with his supporters, Jennings and his team drove through the streets of the borough and removed garbage left after the Clean and Beautify campaign last month.

Jennings told Newsday, piles of garbage were still on the streets waiting to be removed.

He and his team went to Hagley Street, Arima, and Lawrence Park, also in the borough, and removed truckloads of garbage.
via www.newsday.co.tt
Photo also from Newsday.

Bravo for the efforts of Mr. Clinton Jennings for cleaning up the mess that was left on the streets for more than a month now. The Clean and Beautify campaign was meant to accomplish a stated goal. However, since the people played their part in the exercise I now have to wonder why the Borough Corporation did not play their part and remove the debris left behind?

The Borough is PNM controlled and the cleanup campaign was an effort of the newly installed PP government. This is shame and clearly shows that there is a need for change in the personnel at the management level of the Borough Corporation. Commonsense should have prevailed and the person responsible for removal of the waste should have ensured that the garbage was removed from the streets in a timely manner.

I remember when I was a young man and the County Council instructed that people should clean up and put the refuse on the street for removal this was promptly done. A lot has changed but for the upcoming local government a lot more needs to be changed. The electorate in the affected areas will have their say at the polls.






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